Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Joshua Miller

Unfortunately this is true…. Stop telling yourself Maby they are just busy,o they forgot that I texted them. They have to work,or they are sick.. it’s all bullshit !! They just don’t care as much as you would like them too,or they don’t care at all..

Sharon Simmons

I’ve had a hard time learning this one but when a person shows you who they are …believe them !!

Scott Singer

My woman left me no ride in her apartment to go to the exes house for the weekend ive been here 2 days now and its -20 out i want out of this quick cuz 3 days is long enough…

Evelyn Maralit

Sus ..obvious ba !!!! A K5 !! E d wow !!! Pag gusto maraming paraan, pag ayaw, maraming dahilan ..never insist to anyone to give you space in thier lives if no effort of care of concern is manifested.

Monica Barbosa

Jajaja, they really don’t. They ignore you and don’t give a fuck!

Tracy Holdway

Yes this is so true, I lived in denial for many years, well no more because I now know my worth 🙌🏼

Iris Sena

When someone treats you like they dont care, believe them 😉

John Allan Worrell

That is for sure and it don’t take to many times! Listen quietly!

Sandra Hernandez

Unfortunately this is true.. I learned this the hard way.. Ask me if I know better ? Hell yeah!!!.

Melissa Ross

I learned the hard way and knew cheating was involved…

Lori Hart

Mine did that “SUDDENLY ” after 5.5 years into the relationship. ..the last 6 months he was like someone I never knew! It was weird!!!

Christina Morales

Well ,this one acts like he doesn’t care, but when we bump into each other he stares with his eyes wide open. I try not to stare back but it’s like he has to tell me something!!! Men??? Can somebody please explain to me.

Johan Tessensohn

The worse is when they say they “want to be the person in your life to show you that you deserve to be loved and that they want to prove to you that there are good/trustworthy people out there”. They break down your walls and once you feel safe they disappear without any closure.

Yvette Machado

Very sad and true. Then you make excuses for their actions. Once you confirm that they no longer care it’s very hard to accept, but eventually you stop caring yourself. That is when you finally realize that you have to move on. My advice is never beg anyone for their time or attention. Eventually the right one will come that will give you everything that you deserve. Never allow anyone to destroy your hope no matter how bad it’s been. Learn from all the bad experiences and eventually you will know how to weed out the game players and the… Read more »

Gloria Maynard

I am 😢 I don’t make excuses for them I just have a hard time accepting that someone who used to care so much doesn’t care at all anymore

Jane Bell

That’s the hard part! Believing that someone who SAYS they care really doesn’t!!! But how we are TREATED is what shows us what we mean to someone!!

Gen Smokes

Aw so many broken hearted people. Makes me feel so sad that there are many. But don’t worry, I have a magic potion that will open your eyes to a different perspective that will spot light silver linings.
Like, goodness who wants someone who doesn’t care, it’s such a turn off.
But anyways I got the magic potion that is completely safe and it can put alittle light in that dark spot. I invented it. It’s called marijuana.

Farwa Naqvi

The biggest mistake we do is that we give them benefit of doubt because it is really difficult and sometimes even impossible to let go.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Reminds me also of my partner who’s been cheating on me for 10mos. now. together with the evil & maniac friend. So, they better stop what they’re both doing to me now because their sex video will come out soon & the evil & maniac friend will die now soon as well. They’re really evil you know…too bad.

Steve Hasiotis

Yup! They want you there when they have something going on or wrong in there lives and you are there to listen but when you need them.. They are no where to be found or are always to busy for you.. Those are the people you need to stay away from

Sharde' Day

So sad but true. Learned this the hard way. Now you just have to accept it and move on becaues God cares that’s all that matters.

Sharda Patel

Sadly it’s certainly & Definitely true..unfortunately it’s hard to accept& believe.👍👏🙏👼