Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Queen Latifer

Not every damage things can be rebuild. Especially when feelings is damaged completely along with broken heart it impossible to rebuild back to normal ever before.

Maria Ortega

Only if the feelings still important to the other but if u know ur the only one trying then you know the best thing to do πŸ™

Kevin Johnston

Wow that hit hard. Love you forever. Why? Because Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8 tears of joy!!!

Cassie Battistini

It’s good to be honest with how you feel with a person. Even if they can’t handle it and back away from you. πŸ˜πŸ˜•

Vincent Loving

Always remember what God has for you is for you and he expects you to share . Yes you got the Blessing to be a Blessing.

Odile Flavia

How can we anyone other than ourselves.. anything else is a struggle !

Daniel Neuenschwander

Respect is the biggest flaw in today’s world. But this quote is great.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…sweet. So, pls. be back now asap so that we can talk & understand each other now. =)

Love and relationship quotes

The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.

Ibrahim Hagras

Being direct, open, straightforward and telling what you feel to a girl directly is a very short attracting as they all love the mysterious one!. They don’t wanna an open book guy.

Daniel Cholewinski

This is all it would have taken to save my relationship πŸ™ especially hurts because it was someone I really cared about and enjoyed being around

Aira Forsander

That’s what I have always wanted but gotten just hidden feelings but for sure I understand when there never wasn’t true love behind the words ☺
I have always shown my feelings so there’s never been misunderstanding from my feelings ☺

Luvlia Hr

Luv is pure..Luv is so beautiful..Both couple will enjoy so beautifully together..
But if someone tell u how much they luv u & u hv no feeling for them..it wouldn’t happen..It’s useless..Juz my opinion..😊

Dina Bailey

This is what should’ve happened but my ex ran with his tail between his legs and chose to be a coward by sending emails instead….I’m glad that stress is gone!

Michelle Grabill

Sometimes you shouldn’t have to say anything. Because sometimes if the feelings were mutual, the issue wouldn’t ever have become an issue in the first place. So, sometimes it’s just a waste of energy to tell someone how you feel, because deep down they don’t care. Just acknowledge and move along with your day.

Linsey Gonzales

Sometimes even being direct isn’t enough; nothing can be heard if they choose to have deaf ears, and nothing can be built to last without communication and effort as a team.

Arun Bhatnagar

be simple and Lovely to each other , give understandable space to each other . it will be fine .