Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Nicholas Vasseur

If only that were true lol Like many other good men, I emulate this meme flawlessly and yet have been single most of my life. With the few relationships I did have, i endured countless acts of betrayal, lied to, cheated on, and my kind compassionate heart was taken advantage of time and time again. If women truly pursued these virtuous and morally sound simplistic qualities, I would have been married a long time ago. It’s fun to dream though 🙂

Tiffany Faye

These are silly. Both men and women should want all of these traits AND understand that people are HUMAN, make mistakes and are deserving of forgiveness and compassion.

Sky Stepper

Depends on woman to woman..!
The truth is that if you replace that car money and gift with love and care , you can see a bitterness in their attitude 😉

Katie Newman

Yep!!! And for those of us who don’t want their material things, none of those things will never make up for the loss of the really important stuff

Asuzu Chinonso Michael Benson

For once, I disagree! Women want money, money and lots of it! If you are a woman and you don’t want money in any way hatched up in your agenda then you ain’t no daughter of Eve! Show me one woman that doesn’t love money and I will show you a woman that has never stepped into a shopping mall!

Zleipnir Goh

Crap… it’s all about timing and chemistry… if u like the person, even he or she farts, u would also say its smell nice… lol..

Kallie Ann McFadden

We’re around, just few and far between and usually closed off cause we got screwed over too many times, in turn, we end up screwing the good guys over, then they screw a good girl over and so the cycle continues….

Barbara Robinson

The men who think that all women want is their car, money, and gifts have none to offer. The men who can afford to offer those things will to the women they truly care about. The wise ones know It’s not about material things but showing appreciation. You can’t care about someone and withhold help if needed. Our worth should not be measured in what is given or received but in simple acts of kindness

Siti Zaharah Nasruddin

Not all woman want money, richness of man but mostly want their attention ,care, honestly sincere and true love and caring for them…they mostly need that but man don’t care much bcoz mostly man has their egoies high in themselves…like myself i sacrifice must to him but i still been ignore by him…😢

Virginia Gallagher

It’s true sometime but there s no perfect. Compromise s always. The passion word to survive the marriage. Understand and relatively sacrifices for almost everything.

Gen Smokes

Poor men. They just think differently.

“But I just spent the money I just worked for to make you happy. 🤔”

🍺 cheers!

Amanda Paschall

yep see us women are not that hard! this sums it up really well, and when these things are done and given to us you will see how few problems there are in the relationship and how easy going some of us can be!!

Cynthia Felix

Dont forget about health! They want to live out the rest of their days with the right man too… so put that cigarette out! Haven’t you heard? Smoking kills.

Evelyn Reyes Pitale
For so many years, I was told I was NOT a priority because other things always had to come first. Career changes, getting out of debt, etc… 15 years later there were still a million things more important then me… Going to the gym, joining the National Guard or any group that kept him away from me and our family. I said enough was enough and he was happy to leave with all that money he was secretly collecting while I was working to help build the nest egg he would eventually destroy. The fact that he had several affairs… Read more »
Kyran Jones

A woman’s gotta be honest herself.. and she’s gotta chose one man and not all men that give her body attention but could care less about her soul. Jus saying women should try transparency instead of games and they might win out for once with a winner.

Peter Matthews

There is no more complex creature on the face of this planet than a woman. No man can ever hope to understand them and no man ever will.

Terri Banner Saylor

I’ve been saying this for years. I make my own money and am more than able to take care of myself ..I am old fashioned I do like the doors held open all I want is a little bit of your undevited attention a smile a hug hello how was ur day can I help u with anything

Anthony Gladwell
Peter mathews spot on….. my dad used to say the same and he was married for over 50 years….. but look a good woman would like a mans time , loyalty, honesty and so on but every woman loves money and the nice things that go with it …. cars, homes, clothes….. nothing wrong in that, seen lots of lovely couples struggling financially and a lot of that loving compassion , smiling , passion goes out the window …… show a good woman your feelings, love, loyalty and so on but if they are honest they would love the nice… Read more »
Damijan Ma

i did all of these!yet she left me for better carreer oportunities ,ignored me,neglected me..this is utter b*****t,sory,but it has to be said…there are different times now…true love isnt the main goal for woman anymore

Fa Ti Ma

that’s the truth.
i want the attitude of the guy,not there money or their physical appearance,the most important is their attitude,loyalty,honesty,respect,kindness and good hearted not only to their love ones but also for those people who needs their help..
that’s the perfect guy for me..