Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Gema Hernandez

I been doing a lot of this lately! I hope and pray God can continue to give me patience each day and make me a better person to those I come in contact with each day!

Cherrylyn Lucas
Sweet…that’s what you call, a true & unconditional love. But this is definitely not applicable to all my enemies just like the evil, inconsiderate, dishonest, unprofessional & unjust managers in our office. So, they better return all of these to me now asap: my check worth P1B, my plaques/awards plus all the gifts that I’m supposed to get last december 16, 2014. As well as these: my house & lot, my appliances, my car, my insurance, etc. Otherwise, they will now be in BIG TROUBLE NOW SOON, FOR LIFE!!! Because, their 3RD KARMA will happen now again THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!… Read more »
Nayah Guilalas

The problem is…no patience nor understanding…worse than i thought lol

Lizzette Rodriguez

IDK if it’s you choose to understand… esp when you know the person. I’d like to think you’ve just chosen a more mature or humbled path.

Anver Maru

Very much hard to do this but then i’ m still doing as long i can just don’t get hurt the feelings of other.☺

Huda Dawood

Hi Carla merry Christmas happy new year wash you all the best l send massage for you may be was rong number

Pam Daffin Cormier

Isn’t that the truth! I’m trying to really understand right now.

Don Pro

My relationship rules are just one thing. Love the hell out of your partner. Everything else will fall into place

Pamela McCann

This is me, always!
Never thought I was very patient…

John-Raymond Delfin Notarte

Hey random stranger scrolling through the comments…
Wish you a happy new year <3

Scott Singer

Love my woman she apologized this morning i didnt even know she has been being mean That is paitence it wouldn’t matter if I knew she has been my best friend…😎

Lydia Byers

Or when you are literally too tired to argue with the stupidity of the other person so you just shrug and say “whatever….” and walk away.

Shawna Shakita

When you get mad??? It’s human nature to feel emotion. I believe its when you don’t act on revenge that makes you patient.

Henry Cordovis

Understand?? You mean..” give in to the BS your sopose to be partner keeps throwing at you”??.. nope, not happening anymore.. your self worth is played at that point..

Luvlia Hr

The hardest test in life is being patient & how to deal with the person who doesn’t understand our feelings..😔

Salvacion Baco Orlanda

Yeah!!so true,,much better to understand than to get mad,nakaka panget un,,hehehe😁