Jan 23, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Bradley Joseph

Though am really afraid to love again because have been hurt in the past with someone I loved so much but am ready to let go and give love a try again in my life because when there is love there is life. Hope to find the one for my heart soon enough that will complete me so well with a mature, honest and open-minded heart

Sebasti Isreal

JESUS I love u jashank joya I love u I will wait for u through prayer and fasting

Jaz Andrade

Baby, thank you for being that one very special person…. I love you!!!❤️

Christine Michael

Wow 😳
Today I am going to tank all those people who have appreciated me

Asha Bhatia

Yes then someone not care me and suddenly his change and care so I feel greatest

Nige Davies

If you are in a relationship but still thinking about an old relationship your not ready for a relationship. LOL

Ntsikie Diana Mahlalela

Its good hope to see they are guys there who want pure relationship based on honest and love of God.

Yasmine Edwar

But when they would change for any reason, It really kills !!!

Chance Reese Hernandez

I hate sering all these things when I’m the one who messed up.

Daniel Cook

Its the worst feeling when someone else takes your place

Cemille Novelo

Very true. I hv decided to believe in love n be happy with my school fren Oscar for d rest of my life.

Ladz Salera

The most saddest thing is when that someone appreciates everything about you at first but later on would also have taken you for granted.

Evelyn Maralit

It’s. Nice to be appreciated .verbally and in person .d nAman naghihintay ng kapalit but if my frends can appreciate others, I was wondering why I was taken for granted

Christopher Padilla

Someday… I cant wait to find out how amazing this feels

Jer Limuel Castillo

still waiting for that someone
damn hurry up im getting old already 😂

Tom Smith

Not taking the chance again after the misery of betrayal I went through.

Hager A. ElGendy

Yes it is that great . Cuz after someone has made u feel worthless and not enough . Somebody else came and changed all that and made you feel u r worthy

Maria Bern

Hope to find him soon someone can appreciate me the way i am and me to him.

Skhulekile Tshuma

That is the best feeling coz sometimes you never know maybe at first it was the bad choice life is like thar

Lovecherry Sipho

feelz really wonderful atleast my man appreciates everything about me alot. I appreciate his love 4 me