Jan 23, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Luvlia Hr

Yea..the idea that makes u feel good..
The idea that makes u so beautiful..The idea that makes u feel wanted all the times..The idea that makes u feel grateful with them..The idea makes u happy..
laughter..joy & smile whenever with them..The idea that makes u luv them more & more..Certainly..β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸŒΉ


Ung tipong maniniwala ka ulit sa kapangyarihan ng pag-ibigπŸ˜€

Summer Leyva

I’m waiting patiently but impatiently. I ain’t getting any younger lol

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…sweet. So, pls. be back now asap & leave your evil friend now…for good & for life. =)

Marche' Z Mercado

Well where you at? Come out come out wherever you are???

Gina Renee

As Louis CK brilliantly stated: “People say there’s someone for everyone. NOPE!”

Tonya Henderson

I wish that was true.. Mine must be hiding somewhere lol

Sal Carrillo

Finding that one is a whole different story all together

Amit Vyas

Removing obstructions so that I can search for the one who is! Hopefully they can bear it!

PSuraj Siddhant

And you are totally screwed till you meet them and when you meet them you screw up and then again you get screwed.
Heartbreaks take a lot away from you.

Osama Riz

Its just an idea…… Ideas are derived from ideal world and ideal world doesn’t exist……. Now get on with your life suckers…..

Darlene Arnero

Well he better get here quick. I’m running out of time and patience

Moore Lee Dewan Andrew

Dear who’s reading this I just wanted to tell you that you’re extremely beautiful and have an amazing smile here’s a flower 🌺 for you hope you have a great rest of your day

Roy Banda
I can’t wait!!!!!! No more heart break or bs lies like awe I was just kidding. My parents still own me even though I have two kids and you did everything for us. F you very much I hope you get over it before you die. Lol your the best bf I ever crushed. Lol lmao gotta love my parents for comparing you to my ex husband!!!! I knew you would let me go with that. Yep I can’t wait to find that one in a billion that’s gonna want me forever. My super submissive gf/wife forever. Omg I’m so… Read more »
Kristen Kriel

They say swallows mate for life, they symbolize everlasting love and loyalty! I have one tattooed on each of my hips one for me… the other for my mr forever πŸ™‚

Shenia Wallace

I don’t think I’ll ever find that special someone. I’m not good enough, regardless of being a faithful woman. I still got treated like shit from these men out here. Overall men want something better than me. If I don’t ever get a good man that’s cool.

Dan Mingea

My wise old auntie used to say, “Nobody was put here to walk this Earth alone.”

OG Leonardo

To find them is to take one day at a time…..

Emily Calbario

Somewhere somehow, love takes time and be patiently wait for the right time with the right person to come into your life and be with you forever.

Ntsikie Diana Mahlalela

Yes i know he there sad and empty without me …my soulmate. Please God protect him until we meet.

Matt Sisoler

It’s a beautiful idea. Shame it almost never comes true.

Tom Smith

No one can be fully trusted I’ve learnt that the hard way.