Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Paul Leach

Once again.. Life has bit me in the arse..unemployment, possible homelessness..gotta make it thorough.. Somehow, it always works out

Zaina Khan

Lol really.. πŸ™‚ it turned from Zero to 180Β° and then now.. this again got to 360Β° and now i am where i was πŸ˜‚

Los Kidd

I got cheated on last year i was happy this year i just wanna go back an do more drugs

Adrienne Lewis

Yes…a bit of bad luck but not as bad as what some of my friends are been and going through

Regina Lara Ybarra

Nope!!!! Never thought I would be in the season of my life…

Vicky Schumpert

4 years ago I had no idea what was going to happen

Josh Beck

One year ago never thought id be a coal miner again but back doing the job i love

Ralphie Luna

Never! Haven’t even considered looking back either!

Sandie McAdie Robinson

My life turned out wonderful in September, after 8 months of hurt and pain from ones we thought would never do that.

Cathy Walas

If someone would have told me I wouldn’t have believed it! Never!

Bryan Mendoza

One year ago i didn’t even picture my life in anyway but here on the earth.

Teresa Balangue

No I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t of at all. But what doesn’t hurt you makes you stronger. When you see someone’s true colors.

William Rice

Yes we never know what tomorrow holds. Health, prosperity, and happiness can all flee quickly, but with faith tomorrow is a new day and the outlook can be bright again.

Paola Alvarez

Me neither!! And things haven’t occur the way I planned, but right now I’m very happy with the result!!
It is not the way I wanted, but it is not wrong.

Chris N Kathy Moore

Yep, never in a million years would I have thought I would have buried my 19 year old son😒 I would be stuck here my life falling apart more and more everyday 😞

Beckey St Onge

Once again, I put on my calendar to look where I am today from a year ago….Not much has changed at all…and it’s starting to fucking Annoy me πŸ™

Mary S Gilbert

I’m so proud for you and Katie. Enjoyed see you at Thanksgiving and always appreciate your mom and dad opening up the house for Thanksgiving too.

Denise Smith

One year ago I said the same thing. Now as I reflect on my life I can’t imagine where my life will be a year from now.

Stephanie Maxwell

Bless you sir. Praying your situation turns around for the better πŸ™πŸΎ….. Paul Leach.

Fa Chan

Because i always thought you’ll stay like you promised to, iyul.

Brian Howard

Thought I was done with that crap so much for thinking that’s why I gave it up ,thinking that is