Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Rudy De Gazón

When God knows you are ready for the commitment,
He’ll reveal the right person under the right circumstances.
Wait patiently. Don’t waste your
time searching and wishing.
Grow and be ready,
you’ll see God will give you a love story far better than you could ever dream of.

Michael Cameron

Idk about god but I know it might have something to do with me being ugly as fuck xD

Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

Not good. My love story has begun. Being single has made me tough. Maybe too much for my own good. I’m trying to be softer. My guts telling my it’s ok. Well make it through.

Debbie Alford Grimes

God writes the best books (our life stories) especially when it comes to love stories!

Dan Magaro

I don’t think God is involved but I hope someday it all is worth it and the years alone are justified.

Jennifer McKinney

I don’t agree, God recognized in Genesis, he /she should continue alone.

George Andrew Moncada

Yeah ! Women are all cheaters who love money. Thank you God and Jesus Christ for protecting me from them !

Amanda Lataille

Right… it all makes sense now! Some of the best things are unanswered prayers! THANK YOU! 😉

Brandi Hensley

Sure hope so…maybe he will send me someone who isn’t so shallow and full of themselves.

Tracy Morrison

Ive got use to being alone, probably won’t know how to act around a gal

Angie Rinaldi

Saving me for something special
Some good soul that jives with mine

Abelardo Sangab

It happens for a reason.who knows what God has in store for you

Ann Adams-Culbertson

Amen, so glad he did and that he brought me the most wonderful man! God has his own timing and we may not always understand, but as we look back at our life we see he always has a plan for us.

Irene Angela

for 4 years Lord, you’re not taking me seriously aren’t you lol? one day I wake up and I realize why I’m so afraid, I’m not that ugly lol hahaha…

Patti Musso Bilella

Reading this , I realize that there are so many of us single. I don’t know why we are, maybe it is divine timing or God has other plans for us. We just have to enjoy our freedom. Use it to find what we search for. Be happy for what we have. Who knows what our future holds!😀😀😀

Melissa Torres

There is a cat out there just waiting for you

Aaryan Mishra

hello frds umeed karta hu aap sab log aache hoge ek bat share krna chata hu aapse plss dhyandena or sochna k m glt hu ya ni aaj k tym only pyar paisa dhek kar hota h or facedekhkar or persnlity dhek kar tofrnd aaj k tym me aap ne dhekha b hoga k boys gadiyo me bikepar ladkiyok aage piche gumte h tb tk k jb tk vo unk jaal me fas na jaye frnds aap ne kbi ye socha h kjo ladkaaapk piche gumta vo aise hi ptani kitniyo k pichegumta hoga k kbi na kbi koi to… Read more »

Michelle Aries

Luckily, I’ve been keeping myself single away from the wrong guys😂

Yenny Heru

just be ready. sometimes you don’t know when the time’s come. stay focus on God.

Yumnam Bond Singh

one day u’ll wake up n realize y god kept u single for so long.n dat day nevers comes so u started to know y u’ve been single for so long coz god decides u to be single forever :p

Heart Summits

God has perfect timing: never early, never too late. It takes a little patience and a whole lot of faith, but it’s worth the wait.

Jamie Carwell

People have been telling me that for over 30 years!!!