Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Lori Mason Maisano
This is so true. How can the same lips utter such hateful, vile things then later say they love you? How can someone justify this? You just can’t. All it shows is they don’t love you because if they truly did, then they would not want to hurt you. They would want to take care of your feelings and your heart. Never let your rage or anger control your mouth. While your anger will subside, the damage from your words won’t. It will never go away…it will always be there leaving it’s imprint of pain in its path. You can… Read more »
Patrick Constable

You fucking cry babies, I can love someone and still hurt their feelings and vice versa. You cannot always be happy and agreeable. That would make you fake and a liar.

Teresa D Clarke

I bit my tongue many times. But when he asked what’s wrong, he got it both barrels. He always said he respected women. Didn’t respect this 1

Sonya Ybarra

Been going rounds with someone over this for months now. There’s never an excuse to insult & name call. Not when you are supposed to care for that person.

Ginger Gravel

So true! It’s called maturity and learning to be the bigger, better person😊

Agnes V Mojsa

I stay silent but still get blamed for anger go figure people

Susan Blackmon

Then don’t lie to start with & they’ll be no mean words !

Catie Majka

So very true . Just as drunk words are sober thoughts, words said out of anger are someone’s true feelings .

Er S Chaverri

Amen ..respect is key. The situation is already tense why insult the one you love. Communicate

Jasmine Lee Burke

That’s why when I’m upset, I tend to be distant for awhile because I don’t wanna say anything to make it worse

Emily Calbario

Taste your words before you spit them out, once it have been said, it cannot be erase to ones mind.

Kenneth Gilmore

She has definitely done that and I may have done the same to her. Hopefully I will be forgiven as I have forgiven her but we will never ever be able to even be friends again.

Timothy Andrewz

Sonia Ybarra I feel you I hate it I feel hopeless at moments I try to stay calm and Chuck it up for the team which is us both but this quote is so right mean words scare the person you care about I feel horrible about this situation goin on with so many people

Guy Stokley

And when mean words are directed at you, remember this. “Don’t get attached to any words. They are only stepping stones, to be left behind as quickly as possible.”

Janina Barbour

Its when someone is angry they say what they really mean. If they are hateful humans….using the term loosely, then hateful things come out. Its what they think……it also means the other is fake and pretend. You can be angry with someone and still keep yours and their dignity in tact, if you cant the YOU are thw one with the problem and should seek help to learn how to deal with your emotions!!!!

John Harper

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me . All you pussy mother fuckers get real !!!! The only reason words may hurt you is if they are true about you , and if that is the case then change

Ruth Anne Scruggs

That is one thing I don’t do. If and when I get angry, I try my damnedest to walk away before I say something I can never take back.

Rashad Sims

very true though sometimes people forget words hurt whether or not that person is important to u or not words hurt more than anything u can’t call someone a something degrading in expect them not to look at you like really smdh that’s like someone calling you fat ugly stupid dumb or something else pt is words hurt period if you don’t want someone calling you any names don’t do it to them

Lorie M Thomas
OMG, just started getting to know someone. He lived in London so the time difference is different. I called him at 8am my time, he finally called back my time 3:30pm, 5hrs later. I asked why it took him so long to call me back. He went off on me. Told me if I didn’t like it, I could basically go to hell. It was quite jarirng but when a person shows you who they are believe them. It was hurtful especially since we were trying to get to know each other. I finally hung the phone and we haven’t… Read more »
Petůnie Běhunková

I rather hear the honest true than fake lies, and only angry people say the truth. Only because our temper is not good doesn’t mean it’s not right. When we angry only smart people know we are in pain and only those people are the ones who are trying to undrestand our pain instead to walk from us. Maybe we should more listen to each other than to be avoiding our emotions, good or bad?!

Renée Quantrill

What about lying? It should count too as lies upon lies to somebody who u “love” are never forgotten and leave hurtful memories that never go away. 😢

Tim Hubbard

I bite my lip and have never said anything untoward to my other half but then I’m given a hard time for keeping it all in….horses for courses maybe because some people would rather just have a big bust up, say things they don’t really mean and then they move on. Staying quiet seems to me like it’s a lose/lose situation 😕

Patti Miller

Very true but some people know how to push a person till they just mouth vomit when all they wanted to do was stay silent!

Botyok Sikmot

But if I let silence to fix problems and misunderstanding it will takes time to fix it as our prides takes place, so I rather have to say words that could you and make you stop that pride and face everything coz I know i f I won’t do this ull just keep on hiding yourself from silence and leaving issues unsolved.

Luvlia Hr

Precisely..juz with one mean word might hurt our heart entirely..The word that we never expected that would say out from the one that we luv most..So HEARTLESS..& it’s HEARTBREAKING..💔