Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Stephanie Hayden

I think this is funny bc my ex bf treated me like crap…I cried and wondered what I did wrong. One day I woke up and realized I did nothing wrong it was him who did not appreciate my love and treated me less of the person I am. I decided to let it go and move on bc not being with him is a favor and I’m going to continue to be who I am without someone trying to make me feel less of a woman. The moral of my story is don’t let anyone treat you less then… Read more »

Ecstacy Tiamzon

It’s your lost, not mine…. Thank you for walking out of my life and giving me my freedom…

Nancy Cramer

Great way to look at it! It’s a “mirror” quote for sure!!

Tessie Malou Bandojo

Love that’s how it is that’s the reality. Sadly it hurts when its failed. #beenbornsingle

Kenneth Gilmore

You can’t loose someone that really didn’t want us. I can’t make it work all by myself.

Aftab Afridi

Yeah I lost you 🙁 🙁 🙁 my mistake and I won’t disturb anyone …again

Mandy Cortes Trujillo

No mas lagrimas! Hoy entendí y aprendi la lección, lo mejor es dejar de querer estar donde no quieren que estés!

Becky Richards

I don’t need anyone like that in my life anymore, i’ve moved on from that kind of blokes. My bf used to lie all the time and he made me upset alot but i did love him but has had enough of him so i ended it for good nw. I need someone better than him #JosephEdwardBarnard i hate him. Im never going bk there again. I love my family & friends

Roma Jean Rivero Cuevas

you love me but you choose to leave me. 😁💔😢

Seth Boyd

Whatever… I stopped caring over a year ago. Who lost who?

Lori Mason Maisano

Seeing these comments makes me sad. If it was meant to be, it wouldn’t have ended.

Larry Rowan Jr.

Crazy how these are so perfect to how my life is going! Love them!

Sonya Ybarra

Yes. Exactly how I put it & it’s completely true. But they’re weren’t any tears & I’m a crier. I just hit a point where I knew his actions were horrendously out of line, his reactions to things were completely unwarranted, & it was just escalating. So I know it’s for the best. And I’m happy with that.

Jaimie McCombe

I didn’t need him, I CHOSE him. He chose something else, so now I’m choosing ME. He’d rather have a Barbie than someone with her S**T together? Last laugh will be on him in the end!!

PS I love the community of people that come together to support each other on this page!!

Mandy Cortes Trujillo

Last night was the last night i give it a try! No more tears for
Me, maybe when ill start to miss him, hopefully not much! How can you miss someone that doesn’t even notice you are there! Sad sad!

Ling Chen

Broke up with ex, girls should not feel sad, believe their own value, and they all deserve a better one. Ex lost a good girl.

Yenny Heru

I’m sorry that I’m both your umbrella and the rain. when I lost you, both of us lose. me because, you were the one I loved the most. you because, I was the one who loved you the most. but from the two of us the one who lost more was you. cause, I’ll be able to love others the way I loved you but no one will love you the way I did.

Karthik Kumar

Sorry to sound like a loser but please answer if you can that what one should do when the person who loved you more than anything for years, one day suddenly subtracts you from their life in all possible ways just because you are no more wanted by them and there you are still loving them and only them, even after not seeing them for years.

Allyssa Maureen Canibel Mesa

True. I did everything that i can.to be a perfect wife with you but u choose her.all pains that you did.i pray to god one day i wake up i dont love you anymore.

Roy Banda

I did everything for her and her two little boys. I mean everything!! And I know I’m gonna be vindicated and I’m ready to move on. I’m really awesome and amazing. I want to find that drop dead gorgeous woman that wants a really good man like me. Women are gonna wonder why any woman would ever let me go!!!

Pamela Sophie Lesley Burdge

Here’s the truth. People lose each other due to lack of communication , people building someones hopes up only to just act like the don’t even exist. Unless people actually intend on acting upon how they feel for someone, they are better off keeping their gob shut if they don’t , at least then no one can get hurt.

Nale Cylu

I’ve lost someone i love the most. I was dumped like a crap. I cried and went to churches, praying and do soul searching. It helps me a lot. God heals me. I am now completely fine!

most importantly is that i have learned. It was a lesson, if you never learn, the same thing will be happening to you over and over again.

Neita Drake

Yes he did actually he threw me away