Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Stephanie Bagley

Sometimes not being together is the greatest display of love…especially when you know there are things the person needs that you are not able to give. Love is about more than being together. It’s about upholding each other in the highest light possible and wanting the best for the person even if it’s not with you.

Michael Barnes Sr.

I believe if you love each other and it’s not abusive in any way you should be together or else the next person you’re with you never fully love them you’re just feeling a void of loneliness and often you’ll think about that person that you really love in your heart you can’t make your heart feel something for somebody else when it’s not real one rule everyone should always follow is to be true to yourself and to what you feel

Ngoc Ha

Or….you just can’t be together because he’s engaged and you’re engaged as well, but not to each other. Deep down, we know we both love each other, it’s more like….a saddest thing

Stephanie Hayden

I am still in love with someone and he loves me but we can’t be together and it sucks…..unfortunately sometimes distance keeps people apart. 🙁

Shelagh Slater

That feeling you get when ur separated and you know you belong together, burns! Sometimes life throws curve balls which can distance people from each other. Wish i was with u now!!!!

Andrew Miller

Only if time is your enemy. Like how we should enjoy life even though death is inevitable and unpredictable, we should be together even for just a few months. It isnt about avoiding the inevitable, its about enjoying what you have until the inevitable

Amber Burrows

Not really… you can love someone but not be good together. There is SO much more to building a solid relationship then just love.

Luc van Grinderbeek

if you really love each other then you don’t want to stay faraway from each other and loss time by not being together i don’t believe in faraway relationships bcos most of the time it ends with out off the eyes is out off the heart

Doug Showalter

Or , stating that men have to create heaven on earth for a women because they are an angel and angel’s don’t live in hell. THAT MIGHT BE THE DUMBEST THING EVER!!!

Lindsey Richerson

Sometimes you shouldn’t be together because that’s not the one for you but sometimes the reasons you aren’t together are stupid and you should get your shit together and choose them

Chris Martínez Pagán

Her fault for lying and being fake and manipulative. I waited longer than most would care to, and still got shat on in the end.

Debbie Jo Miller
I continue to love a couple of men. People decided I was not good enough for them, and said awful and untrue things about me. People seem to think that because I grew up poor I cannot possibly be loved by a man, and cannot possibly love a man. They are wrong as the love of God in Christ Jesus is in my heart. My love for these men does not end. I will continue to love them as the Christ commands me to do, keeping them and their families in prayer. All love comes from God. Real love does… Read more »
Kate Amelia

What a load of rubbish! Life is not a Disney film. Loving someone sometimes means breaking your hearts to allow you both to be happy.

Marie Fields

Disagree with this one! Sometimes when you truly love one another, you have to let go & realize that being together is not healthy or what’s best for you. Doesn’t mean you stop loving the person, you just remove yourself from the romantic relationship cu. it’s not a good fit or what’s best. You can be a friend to someone that isn’t meant to be your mate though, if they’ll let you.

Ana DePina

Sometimes love isnt enough. One of the individuals can be going through some turmoil & they need time alone to sort through their issues.
I know this all too well.
I love him & miss him every day but I needed to let him go & do him.

Tiffany Anne G

Disagree… you can love one fully & unconditionally & not be “with them” if there is anything keeping you from being together it just means that it’s not the right time. Love them anyways & if it’s meant to be it will in its own time. You can’t force togetherness… that ends in doubt & resentment.

Nozipho Madela

I can relate.I’m in the situation right now.we are high school sweetsheart separated at higher learning institutions both got partners. Years later reunity again find out m preparing for starting family and boy already married only to find that we still love each other Hahahaha life painfully we can’t be with each other anymore.

Dawn Gallagher

Sometimes, even when you both love each other, the toxicity is too much. Especially if there are children. Sometimes giving up on a relationship, even when you love each other, is more important. Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to let go.

Nicolas May

This only happen when one of the individual is not willing to do what it takes to be together… It does not Matter what they might be going through …. If it is necessary to take some time a part to fix it that person would do it so at the end they can come back ready for the relationship!!! What is meant to be will be !!!

Tracy Trudell

It takes more than luv to stay together… Wen only one person is putting in effort and the other will not try its useless waste of energy and time.

Dusty Jones

Well that’s not necessarily true it’s because I’m in a long-distance relationship and I love her very much it’s just right now I really wish I had the money to go to travel to go see her 💑👫😍😍

Robert Simms

Sometimes true love us just around the corner , but it takes a long time to get in the right place at the right time to meet that special person. There’s a special person for everyone in life. Sometimes even two or three lol, kidding about the two or three.

Stephanie V. Moore

Unless there is something very broken between the two of you that one refuses to address. Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you should stay together even if leaving would be the hardest thing ever it beats staying and feeling destroyed by the one person you love and supposedly loves you too.

Pearl Paige

That so truth Karen Washington hope u find somebody Karen because u are a beautiful person to inside and outside u never changed