Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Joy Karren Dumale

Just fight but never compete. Competing is to comparing and comparison is the thief of happiness. Once happiness is gone you can no longer fight for your love. Hatred will fill your heart then love will die.

Jc Castro

I’ve tried… I’ll try it again… If I failed I’ll do it again until I can say I fight a good fight

Mhai Fajiculay

Almost 1 year of fighting for you, do you think it’s enough?😭😔💔

Muhammad Shabir Awan

I don’t know why spouses use to compete ???while meaning of relationship becomes useless

Genaya Reid

Some things are not so simple but how dumb is the person calling someone dumb if we are who we attract? ijs 💁

Michelle Harrop

So true, but you must always give them a chance to understand the other sides point of view

Mihalcioiu Remus

Pt ca tu alegi ,, tabăra ,,in care esti. Cine sunt eu să-ți contest alegerea.

Antonio Tone Nuñez

Let the self-centered and the selfish be together…you deserve each other…

Kelly Luther


Samantha Campbell

I’ll never compete, ever. If I feel this is happening I will walk away….

Khuram Malik

Don’t you know it’s true? there’s no one else but you.

Genaya Reid

What’s the point in competing for someone that’s already mine?💁 ijs

Gel Lee Bean

I wouldnt do either if u dont want me theres alot of good lookin fish in the sea 😀

Shelby Ebright

I refuse to be in a competition. You wanted me, you got me. No one else should matter

Nate J Gaitz

How do you try and fight for someone that says they don’t wanna lose you but you can see that your not their priority anymore because they’re hurt do u just let it go or let them hurt you back because you make yourself available and they know your waiting.

Aira Forsander

If I’m not priority to someone I won’t ever fight to get place in somebody’s life and definitely not compete over another woman…
I know my value and who is worth it to fight for ☺

Rashad Sims

very true though especially for me i will cheer you on but I refuse to compete with another dude for you I’m good u want him go for it I.know I’m not the perfect man or perfect boyfriend but Dammm give me some credit Dammm

Daniel Cagle

You have to be complete because if we don’t complete the other then there’s no sense of having the other complete is a big thing in a relationship you complete me and I’ll complete that’s why it’s called partnership

Jamie Clark

If someone truly loves you they will only have eyes for you and no one can change that but you by the way you treat them.

Sithum Malshan

I fight for our right..I fight for our life..I fight for our happiness..I fight our relationship but now I’m tired with everything.at the moment i have to give up…

Luvlia Hr

I fight for our right..I fight for our life..I fight for our happiness..I fight our relationship..most importantly I fight for our luv..& let it grow blossoms every single day..😌🌹💕

Aleece Bradley

I won’t fight or compete, especially if you don’t give a damn about me… sooo… yeah. 😏 lol

Clyde Hilliker

I totally agree it been there done that I’m not doing that shit again I only want one more if I’m not your only choice I don’t want to be a choice at all

Melissa Vivirito

Amen to that! If you’re dumb enough to not realize what you have, get lost. Easy as that.

Chuck Rye

Will NOT compete. Let me even think I am and I’m done