Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ang Christine

This is so off… A strong woman doesn’t automatically stop trying. Sometimes she has to be strong enough to hold herself up while picking up her man or whomever while he fall or they fall off track. A real woman, a strong woman looks at herself and sees what she can do different in her own skin and mind to do and make right in a situation. It’s not always about pointing fingers or walking away. Its about helping each other and a strong woman has patience. A strong woman knows how and when to take in a storm and… Read more »

Vivek Tari

A strong women never leaves instead she try to fix things,just walking away is sign of cowardness, one who herself is in fault will ofcourse walk away just to satisfy her ego one who is in real love will never do so instead she will stay or atleast wait for things to get back to state

Chuck Ginn

Sad and we are all taught to not give up. This does not mean to give in to ones beliefs or ethics but to just walk away is not an appropriate resolution. It is no wonder why they’re so many hurt people in the world.

Jordy Jordan

If she walks away then how does it makes her strong women ? If she walks away she is just a shitty weak and fake women , true love never walks away either rainbows or rainfall it sticks always together .if she is strong then she would try millions of times to fix it . If true love was easy then every shitty people around the world would have it.First of all know the meaning of true love plz . She is just a fake bloody liar nothing else cut the crap please👎👎

Elisa Giovannetti

I did It… I don t regret It…he s not back..that s an answer… that I made the good decision..he just didn t love me..never..to fight for me…

Alva Pye

My mother and my Doughter were and are very strong women quiting was never a option. There are more men that will give up quicker than women will. I think the reason for this is there are too many mama boys out there.

J-Shara Mae

Just what happened to us. 😒 I cherish my life and every seconds in it. He doesn’t want me at all so, let all the bad air go. Don’t suffocate yourself. 😊😘

Claudia Vera

She will fight before giving up but if there’s no change and she doesn’t feel appreciated and you have other priorities over her she will eventually get tired and not care anymore.

Paul Wiekel

It’s not a battle of wills, men get comfortable and and some women feel like there’s a lack of attention . Not to say everyone’s home life is the same bet if you want to be chased every man will get tired.

Jessica Mensing-White

Damn Right, a strong woman doesn’t want or need the bullshit GRIEF… And she certainly isn’t bowing down for validation, lol!!!

Art Taveras

Just because someone ‘feels’ unwanted, doesn’t always mean they are unwanted. Perceptions are our own views of reality!

Barbara DomVeg

Well it depends on the woman.. No we should not have to beg for someone to want us… So heads up and mucho smiles as it hurts us deep inside

Emily Beth

Run, ignore, say go away, block number. Delete out of life. Forget exists. Avoid. Never knew him. That’s how I handle that. Move on and up. Wait for better.

Heart Summits

Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and longlasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while or just be someone to walk with at night and spill your life to. Not every one is going to stay forever and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they have given us.

Claudia Ruiz

You shouldn’t have to beg ANYONE for their attention. If they can’t give you their time willingly… You have no choice, but to walk away. 😣

Jennifer Borsa

You can only try for so long before you realize it’s one sided. A strong woman recognizes when it’s time to move on and take more value in herself than continually giving to someone who can’t/won’t give in return.

Angela Elizabeth Wood

Im afraid i did try to fix it and i did beg but aventually i walked away, theres only so many times u can flog a dead horse 🐴

Kimberly Ballesteros

Not necessarily. Sometimes a strong woman will try a million times and will give the man she loves a million chances Bc of how kind and truthful her love is. She loves unconditionally and wholeheartedly. She is selfless and doesn’t walk away easily, Bc she is not a branch but a root. It is until she has tried everything and exhausted every possibility to make things right that she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life and that is to walk away from the man she loves. She walks away not Bc she wants to but Bc… Read more »

Kandace French

Yep. I did. And guess what? The most amazing man walked in to my life. Bliss.

Lady-Teekay Ngobese

I did exactly that few months ago, not an easy road to take but when one BELIEVES that everything happens for a reason, they will also BELIEVE that this too shall pass. Tough times never last but tough people do. God is faithful regardless. If He saw me through it He will surely see anyone else too. Such as life, we stumble, fall, get up, dust ourselves and try again. Shit gets tiring but life goes on 🙂

Zahran Mohammed Khan

The strong woman who automatically stop trying wen they feel unwanted …who don’t bother to beg r fix it …don’t jus need to walkway…they need to run n win an Olympic gold medal atleast ..LMAO!😂😂😂

Jason Alf

I’m a strong man who won’t stop trying. I will try to fix it and I just may not beg or walk away even when people think I should.

Kathryn Tozzini Johnson

It takes some of us a while to be that strong, but it happens. We find out we can survive alone. Being a woman alone is different than lonely. Sometimes it takes being alone to find your strengths. You just have to give yourself that chance when he walks out of your life. Sometimes being alone without him is better than being alone with him.

Faiza Shah

disagree… if she walks away then how does it makes her stong woman.. if she is strong then she would try again n again to fix it, after so many efforts she just left things on Allah and keep patience..

Shishir Rastogi

To be a strong woman, one needs character and sensitivity. Here character means truthfulness, honesty, loyality, unflinching commitment and conviction and resolve to keep the relationship.

Crystal Rhae McCormick
Crystal Rhae McCormick

Amen to this.