Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Anthony Martina

People should be careful with these kind of advise, remember that for things to change we need to change. Just waiting on an external force or something to happen is not good advice. I do believe we shouldn’t force something. But if you had to choose between waiting and going, I would say go 🙂

Marion Murphy

Sometimes it’s important to know you’ve already arrived at where you’re meant to be and just enjoy it for as long as possible as change is inevitable!! Remember that Time waits for no man – use it wisely!!

Bonnie Delano

I think all this means is to be patient for the right someone to come into your life. I did not take it to mean to stay in something that could be hurtfull.

Lindsay McClurg

I very rarely allow the word “Should” in my vocabulary/speech. Instead, “Could” is best. 😊

Sithum Malshan

That’s true.everything is happening for a reason.we have to wait for the right timing.

Raineau Williams

yes sometimes you have to wait a little longer than you expect

Elise Yee

Good things come to those who wait…it happened to me …I’m blessed.

Dan Almeida

#2 is alone, and daily, I am becoming more and more accepting of that. If singlehood forever is the new trend, so be it.

Jaime Murphy

Pfft. If you spend your life waiting for it to all fall together because it’s ‘predestined’ you’ll lose the power to MAKE changes happen. Good things come to those who go out and fucking earn it. Not those who sit and wait for it to fall into their lap.

Tara Baxter

That’s what you think until you have no time left and you don’t get second chances at life when its over, its over. Life is shirt be with and do the things you love.

Michael Shepard

Their is someone for all of us I know what ur feeling it happen to me but keep ur hands in Gods hands and all things will happen at the right time!

Paola Alvarez

So true!, but while changing, there are situations that need time to change, that is why patience is important.
Not trying to force things. You know what I mean?

Heart Summits

No matter how bad it hurts or bad you feel,it is time to stop thinking about that person who played with your feelings,who took you for granted, who wasn”t contented with what you could give him/ her. You can”t stay at that hurtful place anymore. You cant keep shedding tears over someone who doesnt deserve the love you gave . You cant keep thinking if only you did more. You cant make them want the r/ship because if they wanted they woundn”t have let go of you. You deserve better now.You deserve someone who appreciates you and wont play with… Read more »

Krista Jacobs

Pleasant thought but don’t agree.
How many ppl go thru life being unhappy or settling for what they have ?
Heaps. Sometimes life just doesn’t go how we want, and not always thru lack of trying. But just because.

Peter Rossie

Horrible advice unless you want to end up alone… if you see a beautiful women try, she might be just as beautiful on the inside. If you don’t try nobody will try for you, and you let what might be your opportunity slip away… who says you haven’t fucked it up already?

Polen Ulanday

Know what you really want in your life both in career and love, have faith and determination. “Do your very best and God will do the rest” and yes patience is still the key to get all what you want.

Holly Corbin

In my opinion live your life an not worrying about someone coming in your life. If I happen its meant too be if not as least you gave it your best. People come into our lives for a reason never know why but it’s a blessing.

Natalie Elizabeth Mortland

I keep telling myself that…..and it helps. Patience is key. Always. Never fails. But im too optimistic lol..i need to be more realist.

David Lamberson

Life is dynamic. Death is static. Sitting around waiting for your life to change is stupid. Doing things to change you life is intelligent. Facebook philosophy is mostly feel good bullshit for people too lazy, afraid or stupid to correct the mess they have made of their lives through piss poor decisions based on self intetest and laziness.

Evelyn Velez

Priscilla Greñas Lokas a little reminder. So many times I’ve said this. You doubted love was in the cards for you. Yet patience was the key.

Piwo Pawelek

I agree I’ve been patient so long and it’s done me in now I’m fighting everyone and everything for a little piece of the pie and there’s none left.