Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Maddy Lu

AMEN!! Men these days blame everyone but themselves for mistakes they’ve committed. Then they have the audacity to say they have⚽⚾🏈!! 😩 If they really had the 🏈⚾⚽ they would accept their faults, apologize, learn from them, and not do it again but they don’t!! They just put up excuses and point fingers!!πŸ˜₯

Torrie Campbell

THAT is a man wait that’s my husband

Kristen Heisey

I’m not a man but I do this! It is important to me to always admit my mistakes even if it breaks my own heart.

Dan Berube Sr.

Then ghat don’t even matter why cuz a women is always right in there mind and all guys are dogs

Robert Unclerobb Ali Jenkinsjr

That’s just what a ADULT should do male or female.ijs

Makk Diamond El

Even if she was the mistake!!

Chelsea Marie Steadle

This is really just about being a good adult. Lol

Franz Battiste

That’s right

Corazon Hawk

I’ll like that kind man

Ayush Dhamija

Christine Bowers

LOL, you’d think! Unless you got a spoiled brat from mommy and daddy.

Charles Bell

Yes it’s true i know I am sorry for everything i have done but i know one thing God forgive me

Emily Calbario

I think that would be so hard to find that kind of man, if do so, you’re lucky enough to have one and be the happiest girl in the world.

Timmy Newley

And I’m trying to do just that!

A woman must be big enough to see a man in his admission of fault and work toward forgiveness to repair and rebuild a relationship. Other wise she is no better than the Bart of a boy who will never be a man!!

Phillip Holloway Sr.

This is what men do without hesitation, boys gotta think about it, but as they do eventually chose to do this they become men. Real men do it for thenselves first with or without and audience. Then to or before those affected by their mistakes.

Kerry Horan

Are there any Gentlemen out there who would willingly do this and admit they made a mistake, however small? I’m only asking, I’m not having a dig at any of you……❀

Stephanie Hayden

My ex was such a coward he blamed everything on me and everything else took no responsibility for anything making him not a man but a little boy.

Edcel Cruz Calanog

If u made a mistake then admit it right away …boys will be boys…ego ego ego😁😁😁😁

Teresa Macias

Or… you can be single and not worry about what the weaker half is up to

Luvlia Hr

Men with good intentions..make promises..But men with good character..
keep them..😊🌹

Mark Barnes

Absolutely! A real man is not perfect and will make mistakes but it takes a strong real man to be able to benefit from the mistakes to do better next time. πŸ™

Verenda Tyler-Henderson

That wouldn’t be many