Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ankur Singh

Don’t treat him like a king, if he doesn’t appreciate you as his queen. 😉

Sheikh Mohammad Sohaib

but the fact of this society is something different from it, sadly. Society do care for women to be treated like a Queen but they totally ignore that she’ll be the Queen if and only if when He’ll be the KING.
so i think 1st you should realize him that he’s your King… 🙂

Brian Russell

LoL That’s asking too much of a woman. I learned that the hard way. Maybe it’s just me… Maybe all women just hate nice guys that give and give and give and never get a thing in return. Well that’s not true… I got pain and mental abuse that has left me a hollow shell.

Brooklyn Danner

Facts. But it is a turn off when everytime you shower them with compliments and praises they have something negative to say. For example: “I’m ugly but thank you”. Or “I guess”. Its like talking to Eeyore.

Katie Seddon
I leave little love notes in places i know he will come across. I tell him everyday that i love him. When im out im always trying to find things that i know he will love. Instead of flowers i buy him chocolates and a crate lol. The night before work i make his dinner and put a coffee cup out, with everything except milk in it. I send him random messages and when he gets a new ps4 game, i install it and make sure its ready to rock for when he gets in. I record all his sports… Read more »
Beckey St Onge

Soo treated him like a King, Loved him with everything I had. 3 yrs after he has left I finally see I put trust in a man who lied, betrayed, and defied me…someone who didn’t deserve my trust at all…He’ll never have another who Loved him as I did. 💔

Kasra Oskuie
Men are scum of the earth! They are cheaters, mean, selfish, narrow minded, and simply said, they suck! Or, at least every post you see say that! Most ladies now days would like the Quinn treatment but fail to realize men have needs too! Women get the attention from everyone around them and seek it too! Men are not like that! No matter how in love and attentive they are, if they don’t get the appreciation and attention from their ladies, eventually they get cold. Just like women. With the exception that they become the problem and cheater and this… Read more »
Maria Gershman

I tried that. He didn’t hear or feel the compliments or my affection… as if he struggled with the receiving part. But I can sleep at night knowing I tried my best. 💛🌺

William Hakes

Dont have to be treated like a king just be loved and made to feel appreciated for me its always the little things but i guess that can be too much..would hate to see if i wanted to be treated like a king

Jason Foster

Yes….I thrive on it! I love being that awesome guy that opens doors and surprises my queen! Mine inspired me to do so! She works hard like me and she is smart and a great mother. So of course she is gonna get the best from me. But yes, I need to know that my efforts inspire and feel good. It isn’t easy…ladies, I know it is hard because some guys won’t show the same kind of reciprocation. But at least you’ll know, if they are a keeper or not.

Tanya Betton

What do you do when you treat him like a king but you don’t get treated like a queen. Know the answer just put it out there that some males don’t get it.

Elisa Ruv

I tell my husband that I love him and that he’s gorgeous ALL THE TIME. Even though he almost literally never compliments me. We do not speak/hear the same love language at all, but we are both trying to get there.

Myphi Bui

Everything in a relationship should be fair. It goes both ways!! Being a woman doesn’t mean we need or deserve more than a man. Love him like you want to be loved!!

Gina Marie

I spoil and treat my husband like a king everyday. I think it’s important he knows how much I love him and appreciate everything he does for our family!! Treat others how u want to be treated , isn’t that what we were taught growing up !!

Heather Gouws

Yes, most definetly. If he is good to you, be good to him. Im sure they also like to hear these things and to feel appreciated by the woman they love. A good man deserves to know you appreciate and care for him too.

Cyndie Rose

To a point..
But not If their deep rooted needs far out weigh anything anyone can reasonably provide.
Usually it is the person they need it from who is least able to provide for them.
No ones happiness should be dependent on another.