Jan 28, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Debra Lynn Williamson

You can’t make yourself love someone, just because they love you. But I agree we should stop running after the difficult ones. We need to take our time and try to find someone where the feeling is mutual! That’s the truly hard part!

Luvlia Hr

Not truly agree with that statement..& It’s kinda confusing tho’..Of course we wanna spend the rest of our life with the person that we adore much & luv much..not the one who ignore us..it does make sense isn’t it..😊

Lili Gibson

It is easier to love someone who loves you a lot than to love someone who doesn’t really care about you.

Eddie Hollie

Stupidest shit ever, but its true. Says allot about us as human beings. Done looking for someone to spend my life because of it. And i mean FKIN done

Zoy Zey

Absolutely…because we still want the perfect one but its not what we thought..

Mirza Mughal Mehmood

Yes sometimes it happen,love those who love u and ignore those who only play with ur feeling and never care about you

Enou Fleury

And they wonder why it is so hard to find someone who can love them the same way.

Samantha Torrez

This is true. Why do we do this? I want to be adored the way I am capable of adoring.

Lata Gupta

No, I don’t do, if someone is nice to me for sure I will be…

Danschneider Arroyo

Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you? Or are you going back to the one you love?- Glenn Frey

Jacalyn Anderson

I don’t but I know people who do. Take you for granted if you care for them.

Carol Winkler Wray

Nope, not this person. Learned very early the value of those around me. Surround yourself with ppl who value your time as much as you value theirs.

Matthew David Gillis

So done with those who constantly complain and keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. And yes you can help it. Learn and grow from past mistakes.

Elba Roman

Sometimes it’s easier than falling in love with the ones who truly love’s us, so we stick around the ones that truly ignores us, since they don’t expect that much out of us. I guess it’s one way to look at it. Maybe that falling in love it could be painful or maybe to much involvement.

Ramona Go

This isn’t true. I never ignore you and you’ll always be special. You know that. You were always there and you never ignore me too. This is real and true love.

Mark Swick

Assumptions; The human heart never runs out of room for more love. If you choose to be one track minded and shallow, that’s your bad. Love won’t run away; only lust blindly chases. Just modern introspect n such.

Anwarul Islam

There is no doubt about it, it is absolutely right. Love is one of the reason for that. when we are fall in love of our favourite ones and be profound of him/her love that time we never trying to feel we also might be beloved to other ones……

Rose White

-People always want , what they can’t have, and some people are a glutton for punishment. They like the pain and drama of pining over someone who doesn’t want them, or they feel like their lives have no purpose or meaning without constantly being sad and in pain.

Michael Barnes Sr.

Why would anyone want to be around a person that ignores them that’s almost saying the person that is ignoring them doesn’t want somebody decent in their life they would rather be with somebody who really doesn’t care about them then be with a person that cares about them and if you were ignoring a person when things go bad those person that you’re ignoring usually is the one that gets hurt and used in the end because they care about you so much

Althea Janice Smith

The heart wants what the heart wants. Unfortunately we haven’t leaned how to redirect it’s emotions from the pain to the ones who truly love us.

Nahla Moustafa Amer

I don’t agree with this..ignoring others means hurting them ..I can’t find any pleasure in this , on the contrary it’s caring about others that attracts people in my opinion ..

Roman Castaneda

Ain’t that some crazy messed up shit!! I’m glad to say I actually adore those very few people that adore me and everyone else is just there..

Dan Cook

Or they adore piece of shit tweakers and think it’s a good idea to bring your kid around them. Common sense ain’t so common folks.

Kgaphola Hooper Bonolo

Only people with no sense of humour will do that, as a person you have choices in life. I have been learned the hard way