Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Eileen Dunn

The key is to be strong. Let it not affect you. After being repetitive of forgiving and trying to understand and they just continue forget it. But don’t let that blind you with hatred or sadness. Move on. They are doing it for your attention.

Erika Leo Byrd

This is why I process my thoughts before I act on emotions…then I address the situation at hand.

Aida Ab

And sometimes people take you for granted and say oh yes she is stupid let’s hurt her again !

Bill Eichinger

It is best to smile while they hurt you!

Geeta Pankaj

Even if we are mature it’ll hurt like hell….

Joanne Sarah Richters

Sometimes they hurt you for no reason…They never cared about you..

Simon Wheatley

Tried but had to give up when all it gave in return was pain & suffering😘

Morgan Weir

I’m trying to understand and get the person to tell me why they hurt me the way they did, and you know what? All I get is “stop bringing it up, I did it cause I felt like it, now stop talking I’m mad. Go to sleep.”

Wayne Bartholomew

But when it happens again and again, sometimes you just have to walk away 🙁

Omer Abdullah

I really wont hurt my love and i hope i have really tried to understood her situation.

Gladys Al Boustany

Yes its maturity but it hurts a lot.

Rj Sutton

The real mark of maturity is stopping people from hurting others when you can.

Elba Roman

I don’t think that anyone would want to hurt someone they love, but if they hurt you and you understand their situation that is fine, but if they hurt you with some kind of pleasure then that is very cruel and they should understand that your human also that if you try to move on and take control of the situation by keeping busy with your own being, then that is not trying to hurt them beck. So there goes the form of maturity.

Bash Irah

You don’t hurt them back because:
1. You never hurt someone you love
2. Hurting them will take too much time
3. Move on is the best choice to be happy

Evelyn Maralit

The true mark of maturity is avoiding hurting people u love And the people who loves you.

James Smith

That’s not maturity that’s how you get used!! By someone who is just going to hurt you over and over! I know be I tried to be understanding! I tried to really, and everyday I loved an cared just the same but that did change that fact that it happened again and again. So if you really believe this then your not very mature after all.

Lý Thi Ly

That’s what I trying now, not hurt him back and still be kind to him even if he hurts me cheat on me.. Being nice and kind to him not because i still love him just because about the good thing that him do for me, the beautiful time we had together. I can’t hurt them or hate them..

Maya Meen

The sad thing is sometime people may hurts each other ,ever though they doesn’t want too. However no matter they want or not, we need to be respond for our happiness. Be happy in the raining day people.:) wish your happy.

Pooneh Tanaeim

What good does it do to an individual …? Hurting back ?? Why not be mature..? We are mostly grown ups here…
Try and understand the psychological reasoning behind people’s actions.

Cindy Longoria

But when you really can’t understand the situation & they have no answers for their actions that shows they were never mature enough in the first place

Grace Paul

Absolutely right maturity comes when you understand a situation and think if i was in their shoes i would think the same and do the same what they are going through right now… forgiveness is the best thing right now…

Princess Ariana

I could have used this mm.. a little bit over an hour ago. Sorry Mom for my immaturity…