Jan 31, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Gemma Louise Nelson

Don’t get married to him. He’ll only make your life miserable.

Katie Lynn Stout

Stand up.

Stand up for yourself. Stand up for others. Stand up for the underdog. Stand up for your convictions, even if they aren’t popular. Maybe especially if they aren’t popular. Stand up for your families and for strangers and for people who don’t have the same rights/privileges/opportunities as you.

Stand up.

Trisha Epperson

Dont do those drugs, dont mistake fake love for real love, don’t waste all the time your given. Wait for the right one to give your heart away. Always look at your accomplishments and be proud of yourself. Stay away from negative people. And most important, start close to home, family and true friends. Never lose yourself in the mix of a crowd. Never agree with someone because your afraid that if you speak your mind they’ll get mad. Be who God wants you to be.

Rhian Enydd Griffiths Taylor

Need more that 2 words
I’d say trust your gut instinct it’s always right, time is a presuse thing so don’t wast on people who promise the world and follow your head something not your heart. Do what you want to do and not things to prove a point or make others proud of you x

Maxx ChopChop Cee

Continue learning patience. Nothing & no one is perfect. Everyone that’s interested is not qualified. Keep your 3rd eye open & heed the red flags.

Amanda Rothenberg

Two words? Not enough, I would my younger self to listen to mom and dad because they are always right. Also choose a better friend group and don’t believe every I love you.

マくイりチみミイ スチモニスイツ

Two words..arent enough..but ill tell to myself that YOURE ENOUGH..enough to make decisions to yourself..enough to stand up by your own and be strong to face everything in the future..be proud for who you are and what you become..spend time with your family to be close with each other..dont over think..and dont do stupid stuff to your self..

Surbhi Bansal

Expectation is the root of ol heartache..! Never expect nythn frm nyone..Expectations always kill..! Speak out everythin u feel ..cz the things uh keep in ur mind,eat uh alive..!

Tammy Walker
Two words huh? I can’t in two words. But, I would tell my younger self to always stay true to who I am, to never change for anyone, that you are beautiful in and out, you are strong, intelligent, amazing, and courageous. You need to get out and travel, see the world and continue to find who you really will become. And don’t rush to fall in love. Let love find you. The right man will come along and complete you in ways beyond what you could have ever known. Save money!! Take care of dad and make sure you… Read more »
Brian Wheldon

Enjoy your life while you can. You are going to suffer with arthritis and fibromyralgia from your mid 30,s. You will no longer be able to do the things that you enjoyed. The good thing is that you will have a beautiful daughter, 3 beautiful granddaughters and a beautiful great granddaughter and 2 handsome great grandsons. They are my life. I love all of them dearly.

Muhammad Sulaiman Sultan

Never love <3

How i wish i could go back in time and stop myself from falling in love.....
It only hurts....whoever reads this.... Always know....its never forever.... It always ends and always leaves you broken and unrecoverable

Tasha Leigh Wigley

Live first.

Life is too short to jump in and settle down too quickly. Don’t get caught up in society’s expectation of your life plan; create your own plan and experience everything you want to before you make other committments.

Janet Muedano

Don’t try and grow up to fast, stay in school, don’t waist your time on losers dont settle for less and focus on yourself. P.S have funnnnnn! Lol two words ain’t enough lol!

Claudia Davis

Love yourself !!!

Love yourself always … Love yourself more than anyone else could love you so when they walk away you are fine on your own. Love yourself to always know your at your best !

Atiya Vas

Love yourself

Nancy Domnic

I wrote a letter to my younger self once after seeing a post like this. Longest typed letter in the notes section of my phone EVER!

My biggest advice is to NEVER hang onto anyone who doesn’t share the same care and respect that you do for them. It will hurt you and lead you to negative behaviors and self disrespect.

Corrina Hogaboom

Two words, aren’t enough.
But I’d tell myself that, “you’re enough” that’s all I would have needed to hear before I attempted suicide, before I made my first cut, before I harmed myself. Those words would have been enough, but I can’t go back, and I can’t change what has happened.

Donna Davis

Mom’s right

Shane Griese

Most of you should tell yourself “learn math”
Cos most of you are writing a fuck load more than only 2 words lol

Michelle Pinnette Birdsey

Do not have this affair…. Leave your husband first. I should have left him a lot earlier. But it all worked out because 4 years later I am still with the man I had the affair with. I just shouldn’t have let it go on as long as it did.

Eric Gilliam
I dont have two words. If i had only 5 mins, for two words…. then ill say this instead. I’ll say to myself “To stand up, be stronger. Don’t try to kill yourself from the bullies you tackle in your school. Be proud who you are now. You’re still living in the future with all these hate and killings. It’s 100x’s worst than you think of it now. Socal media and high-tech gadgets taking over our lives. Media changing how we feel about the trust of our country’s. Just be strong, fight your battles and stand up for yourself. No… Read more »
Häs Chen

Two words are not enough…
Only stay with the one who loves you as passionately as you love him/her and never ever settle for less!

Catherine Sisbreño Napalit


You’re future may not come out as what you wanted it to be, but if you just DREAM BIG and believe in it, everything will be alright. God have a brighter and perfect plan for you. Oh and also, PRAY HARDER.

Jr Ashraf

Never hope…until you get marry. If the plan goes in the right way, yes you’re winning her to be ur wife. Else, you have to mourn all day long even months or years with tears.

Someone’s heart can change at any time. Never put too much hope because later u will regret !

Diana Miracle Clark

Always be honest, even at the risk of hurting someone’s feelings. Its better to hurt someone with the truth than to save their feelings with a lie. Bc in the end the truth always reveals itsslf.