Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Susan Dodge-May

That’s maturity, not necessarily happiness

Sonya Fahie

100%. Everyone deserves to be happy. and if you didn’t make each other happy then you both need to be set free to find true happiness <3

Beth Martinez

It would hurt in the beginning, but when I think about all I been though I would try my best to wish them well, and move on with my life, because I will meet someone also, and he wil l be the opposite of what my ex was towards me

Carisa Close

Happiness had nothing to do with an ex. Too much emphasis on exes .

Richard Morgan

Nah I’m just happy someone else is putting up with her shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

Leanne Wyhoon

Hell yeh, she can have his cheating lying manipulative ways

Barbs Hixson

I wish my ex would move on instead of trying to control me thru my kids.

Jessica Mangrum

That’s not happiness. That just means the feelings are probably gone or weren’t there to begin with.

James David Ward

Refusing to look at her page helps out a whole lot I don’t have a clue of what she does anymore

Noam Guberman

I want her to be happy still sad I lost her.

Lou Aguado

My fiance lied to me, stole from me and abandoned me. And even after all that I learned something about myself and wish her the best and hope she finds what makes her happy. That’s unselfish love, on my part anyway, but some would say I’m crazy.

Sheraz Ahmed

This is your maturity but you don’t feel happy for that if you loves her with true heart .. It happend with me that’s why I realise well

Debbie Valdovinos

Knowing that I was always the last to know, knowing that he’s in a better place and being happy with the one he really fell in love with. Enjoy your new life….

Greg Nowell

It is maturity because if you care about someone you want them to be happy. Pain mostly comes from investment you put in. I think if you trully care about someone you’ll want them to be happy. Full happiness in people fails even when you stay together. True happiness is being content in who you are.

Deborah Frazier

Whoever he is with, he will not be happy. He is in and out of relationships because he is a narcissist. I’m just glad I’m not dealing with his crazymaking abusive ways anymore.

Tina Chrissy Eddie

Heard he’s getting married after his momma broke us up. Honestly I’m happy; maybe now he can suck his wife’s tits and get off his momma’s. Ijs

Robert J Phillips

Yeah you’re mistaking happiness with simply having moved on with ones own life. Instead of dabbling or worrying about what the other is doing and if they are better off. Happiness is achieved with them completely not in mind, not by knowing or seeing them happy and not caring. They shouldn’t even be a thought.

Mara Elizabeth

Nope! He doesn’t deserve happiness! His cheating, lying, piece of shit! They can both go straight to hell to rott together..

Pooneh Tanaeim

I LOVE the fact that he has a strong relationship! When my daughters talk about the way they sweet talk in Spanish is adorable ! Good for you ! She’s pretty and smart ! Wish him years of happiness! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. I wish happiness for all those I dated. Thank god they are all married and have families.

Marie Anderson

I just pity her she will be the ex narcissists new supply he will suck her dry just till shes just a shell then he will move onto the next unsuspecting victim

Dorian Spielberg

No.happiness is when you see them in hell :3

Daniella Malena

Happiness is moving on with your life, loving yourself so that you can be loved by another person.
Maturity is accepting the fact that your past have moved on without you.

Mary Elizabeth Bock

Happiness within yourself and your own life… Maturity and the ability to be happy for others which includes seeing them happy as well!☺

Eddie Ray Collins Jr.

Wishing them luck is a person who hasn’t let go. When and someone separate they don’t exist. Keep it moving mind your business. It notchos. WITH A SMILE!!!!!!!!!!

Maleny Soto

That’s maturity of course!