Feb 1, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Patty Lyons

When my ex left almost 3 years ago, I was relieved. I wish he’d gone sooner but there were issues that precluded that. I lost who I was and hated it. Well, I’m back and much better.

Dixie Showers

Just because someone walks away from a relationship it doesn’t mean that they weren’t invested or didn’t love the other person. Sometimes it’s because they’re being treated like garbage and realize that the other person isn’t going to change.

El Ghada

This is the most fucked up logic i have ever faced , you expect people to put up with your bullshit FOREVER! grow up for fuck’s sake ! We walk away bcs we r FED UP ! i walked away from my ex bcs he was being an asshole ! Yeah i ain’t dumb enough to stay and loose more than i already lost. Dumbasses!

Jana Odal

Iam actually sharing your post….but its not public…so that whenever i feel down…i just reread it 😑😑😑

Jen Elizabeth Clarkson

I left so many times but of course came back thinking it would be different. Ha yeh right…now he moves to another state..pbbbbt

Ashley Acosta

Thank you for this. I am currently going through divorce. It is such a painful experience not only on myself but my 3 beautiful children.

Carlos Juárez

I have to agree with this. It depends on each individual situation and person why they walk away. In my last relationship she walked away because she ended up pregnant from the other guy she was seeing before we became a couple. The only thing I would have wanted to ask her was why did she look for me after she did that and knew their was a chance she might end up pregnant. To me that was kind of selfish of her. I don’t think I have completely healed 100% from this, but everytime I meet a new women… Read more »

Joseph Trantham

She sure dome me a favor by leaving ,,, I’m so blessed now an got one that is the bomb diggadee whoop whoop

Aakash Vijaya

When nights are cold and stars are few, I close my eyes and think of u. A silent hope, a silent tear, a silent wish that you were here..

April Burke

I was verbally abused for many years of my 12 year marriage to this asshole who decided “Hey, my wife is very sick. But fuck her. I’m going to start fucking my 3 ex girlfriends and more.” And, I am still here in our apartment, because I am on disability, can’t afford to live on my own, my family won’t take me in because they “don’t want to come home and find (me) dead.” I’m just hoping I get sick enough soon, where I can live at Hospice, before I have to live on the streets and lose my health… Read more »

Herbert Ranstadler

Someone that walks away, didn’t see your worth, so it is there loss, for they will not know all the good things that you will bring into their life. A person that understands this will always stick around. To see the awe inspiring ideas that you will give them. That would be truly special.

Jenny Gist Gough

Painful but so very true. When the hurt subsides, it will all make perfect sense.

Mary Dempsey

Thank you, I do feel better, I realise its not my fault he cheated and walked out on me and his kids

Carra McClain

Some people are mature enough to realize their partner isn’t invested in the relationship and they up and leave to find someone who is going to invest in the relationship the way they do or to meet their needs! Lack of partner investment in a relationship is one of the leading causes of break ups and divorces!

George DeFazio

I’ve never had a Serious relationship so I haven’t ever had to deal with the Pain of someone walking away from me but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t given up looking for the right relationship and the right relationship for myself

Wendy Dorssom

Love this. It will hurt to let them walk away, but imagine the pain you will deal with daily if you beg them to stay.

Melani Blakemore

Abuse and violence didnt make it easy to leave, only possible, invested or not, safety is priority! No one should be guilted into staying in an abusive relationship, even with someone who can quote scripture in attempt to justify the abuse!

Ma Theresa S Sasi

thats my ex he left me for a better life and choose a woman who can give him everything he wants

Abigail Sison

sometimes, they finally get a grip of it..and realized that they’ve invested in the wrong man. come on guys…not everyone who leaves are the bad guys, sometimes they are the wise one.

Heather Guard

Still hurts. Especially when you’re married to them and they refuse to sign the papers to get unmarried!

Lisa Clarke

when you keep letting them walk back in after they are only there for you when it is convenient to them. plenty of empty words, empty actions and empty promises just wish I was strong enough to walk away and not let him do it do to me over and over again.

Heather Rodgers

No Shit it proves exactly who they are with themselves in the relationship words were just bs

Mustafa Alam

When someone leaves, it can be good. It can make for someone much better to take their place