Feb 2, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Edward Hancock II

Not why you love her. What you love about her. Be specific. You love the way she belts out sheena easton who hasn’t had a hit in 30 years. You love the way she dips her head just so and she gives you that side glance that could rival any “come hither stare”. You love the way her skin feels fresh from a bath and how she fits perfectly in your embrace during cuddles. Be specific to her. What you love about her. That’s different than why. If you can explain the why, your love isn’t deep enough yet.

Yolanda Peiris De Silva
Yolanda Peiris De Silva

Yes so wonderful. … When a girl knows why her man loved her

Angie Beck
I think when you truly love someone, you don’t need to keep reaffirming it. You see it in their eyes and feel it in their touch. It’s throwing all your chips in and giving all of yourself to someone knowing it’s worth the risk. Ask Bryan Adams. lol. He made a gazillion dollars Sometimes I think when someone is so much a part of your spirit- you feel their soul – so much so that you become whole- real love is inner peace beyond words and understanding- where the rivers of angels run in harmony with constellations discovering the missing… Read more »
Hamza Akhachab

There is no reason why you love someone. I think if a person ask other why do you love me it will be silly even she v asked me one day why do you love

Kimberly G. Cadiz

There is no reason why you love someone.

Chuck Kulp

Elizabeth Neris is sweet and a good listener there’s just something about her I feel relaxed around her and wanna spend rest of my life with her

Bim Roa

Actions speak louder than words….. If you want a relationship listen to the person you want a relationship with. Not to other parties. I might not be whole for you but i assure you I’m the best for you. If you ask from above, you might not know it. Applicable only to opposite gender.

Melanie S Bruce

These are the things that are fading from relationships. The old morals need to come back into relationships that’s why they lasted so long

Pooneh Tanaeim

Nothing beats the expression of 💕love💕 especially when you are like me.. You just want to shower them with love and everywhere you go…, u r like…. He’d look great in that / on that… Omg ! He’s in my thought always….❤️💜❤️

Jenna Ozier

Don’t get me wrong it’s always great hearing it from the person you love. But when you know for a fact and have seen/read so many professions of love and adoration they’ve made public, especially on social media in the past towards their then girlfriend but yet can barely manage to even like stuff on your page much less even mention you in their posts, starts to hurt and wear on you after awhile and question their feelings.