Feb 3, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Ashton Brumback

or he’s full of shit and knows how to lie

Donna Musico

Yes but beware. Talk is very cheap. If he says all those things and his actions support them, then he is a real keeper. If he talks and does not follow thru, he’s Sport fishing you.

Chris Smith

I’m real about it. I know how to lie, but I take everything seriously, especially my romance. People are supposed to be loved. Especially those of us willing to do it.

Eileen Bello Daulerio
Eileen Bello Daulerio

I like what this says but not always TRUE ! Mine melted someone else’s heart ! Don’t always trust the laughs and giggles !!!

Alexis Carter

No u need to run like hell because he is a psychopath and u may end up in a box with a tight lid so run!!!!#AHHH