Feb 3, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Shawnda Rice

I’ll go through alot because I love. Certain things will not be tolerated. Like cheating, it is not acceptable.

Chris Sagon

Yes the key is being Loyal and Committed to each other and also truthful. No secrets!

Juliet Ruin

True cheating is to much hurt.

Skippy Nii

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Nick O'Neill

I love you that much. ♡♡♡ I hope you make it through this okay and find yourself back into my arms.
I miss you beautiful 👱

Akila Karthikeyan

That’s what I would think .. And I want a person who makes me love him more despite of all his flaws…

Keisha Austin

Agreed. Love is what the eyes cannot see but what the heart and soul can feel. Our misconceptions of love has to do with misconceived ideas of the things we take in from our environments through what we see and hear and then see assume love is supposed to add up to those events and people? Then when the “white picket fence” doesn’t occur or the Prince doesn’t show-up, we somehow feel slighted. We have to have real expectations in order to experience real love.

Salman Mirza

a few rough days? Mostly relations survive some months as beginnings are mostly beautiful and people can hold up their claims for a few rough days. In a relation there is life ahead to prove love and trust, every difficult situation is a test itself to prove our commitment.

Shontale Townsend

I learned that type of love doesn’t run deep. When I was facing a life threatening illness my ex didn’t support me during that period of my life. Guess that’s why I’m so afraid of committing cause I’m scared that I will get sick again and be left alone during my most trying times.

Jessica S. Martinez
I think it goes both ways though. You find someone willing to do all these things and more, but the one struggling, really has gotta accept that kind of love as well. Also, it shouldn’t be a battle about whether or not that person wants to make the effort to be there. They should want to of their own accord. And that person with all that extra weight, (not talking about body size) should want to share it with that someone who’s so willing to be there through the battles, scars, haze, and dark. Like a two way street, find… Read more »
Shaheryar Shaikh

To all the people dealing with the loss of somebody right now it’s a very difficult thing indeed. But remember, they wouldn’t want to see you for the rest of your life depressed over their loss. Grieving is for a season not a lifetime. At some point remember to get up and make them proud. And remember you may have lost someone, but there are still people here right now who love and care about you

Andrea Washington

This is so true. One of my daughter’s now husband stayed in the hospital with her and my grandson , then 11, for weeks when we were told he might have a serious illness and lose his eyesight, to comfort them both. At that minute I knew that he was the right one for “them”. He could have backed out, but they got married last year and my grandson was part of the weeding. Thank God the doctors were wrong . He was happy to see his mom walking down the isle.

Pooneh Tanaeim
110% in love with my man. 💖he’s the yummiest and sweetest ! A hunk! Inside he is all my dreams come true 😍. Im sure life will bring everyone challenges. You must love unconditionally for it to be everlasting. A-Z I know about my love, his mental and physical well being is my top priority. As a mom this nurturing characteristic I have is natural. I can’t wait to walk the walk and be his wife some day. He’s knows I desire no one but him. I’d be honored to have a son just like my stud muffin. He exudes… Read more »
Cynthia Pantoja
My own personal thoughts on this is that when you love someone you go into the relationship for good and bad. If you can’t deal with the bad you don’t deserve the good. Now that doesn’t mean take mistreat from anyone or nasty words or things they do. That’s not part of it. The bad means if the person is I’ll to take care of them as they would you. And to lift them up not down by saying nasty words to them like bitch or whore or disgusting. That’s not love. Uplifting your partner even when there insecure or… Read more »
Aaron Aldridge

Cant wait to meet her..