Feb 4, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Valerie Linares

Yup. When we’re in love, it is so easy to ignore the red flags we see in someone. When we’re in love, it is so easy to be in denial and love that person with rose colored glasses.
So, when someone you trust and respect tells you something isn’t right – listen to them. They could be right.

Victoria Vox

This time I listened and I was right!! Once a liar and a cheat always a liar and a cheat!!

Ulysses Espe Fuentes

And I was right all along..Follow your instincts always. A cheater will always show..

Amanda Stevenson

Always trust the vibe you get.
Energy doesn’t lie.

Christine Agler

Yep…and not with the person who made me feel that way any more!!

Jenny Pancoast

Yep, learned this recently

Leo A. Cunningham

But if you ask what’s wrong and they never tell you, how can it be addressed?

Glenn Webb

Learned that the hard way

Dani Claytor

This is always the truth, Always trust your gut.

Susan Amoriot

True that I also follow what my heart tells me

Michaela Berešová

I’m counting on it always .
There is no better voice than untouchable feelings in you

John Yao Yaw

I have always been right with a prove

Janie Vela-Poncio

Always trust instincts. They don’t lie.

Peeyush Kumar Ak

When someone love person so much he will see her in his dreams and that will happening in the other side and that mean they be one soul

Travis Fox
Thanks alot you say you love me you care about me pray for me not left me yet but all you think is I’m lieing to negative all the time why can’t you stop treating me like I’m the same person two years ago IM NOT never will be agian but your pushing us apart and its because you don’t believe in me!! Trust me I feel like all your doing is trying to say I’m doing wrong or lieing its crushing me I love you with all my heart and your breaking mine please stop and please trust me… Read more »
Chris Ton

If that’s how a woman feels then she should say something. Don’t just ignore it.

Raj Singh

If you are feeling like something isn’t quite right… let it be wrong that way…
And find the Right Guy/Girl….

There was reason behind it..that is why it was not right 😛

Pete NH

Probably. But why don’t you listen to yourself?

Here’s a must read book about love and relationships: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Nearness-Broken-Hearts-Hannu/dp/9523301764/

Maristela Velchez

Woman Instinct is always true. So, trust it 😉

Lisa Reed

I will always follow my gut instinct after being so hurt!

Augustin Granado

Don’t overthink shit that’s how you get yourself in trouble

Amy Manning

Always go with that first instinct. Your feelings know what’s up.

Leslie Finney-Rider

Follow your gut.. It’s usually right on!

John Hill

True! If your gut is telling you something ain’t right, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s right!