Feb 5, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Isaac Hito Vázquez

And when you do. they freak out anyways! With the atttitude of “women dont need anybody” what is a man to do. If you give them all, they will still think that they are being played! Not all men are the same, but women expect them to be that way. Even in a lifetime some women still will not trust or believe because they are stick stuck on their past relationships..

Carolina Vallejo

That girl should not wait for no guy to prove that they are not all the same . There is truth that if we remain within the same circle of atmosphere , we will continue to reap same results.
Common sense can assist in telling you that not all men are the same..this doesn’t require you to jump from arms to arms either

Alex Sanchez

Yall need to stop fucking crying about finding the one and just live your life. When you’re ready, the right person will come along. Get your life right.

Shanna Trapani

All a guy really wants is a girl who hasn’t been with enough guys to be able to claim that they are all the same? Have class ladies and stop blaming bous for the problems you created.

Aaron Wahoff

Makes me kinda curious what kind of comments there would be if the same thing was said, but only reversed. 😜

Heres the problem… If you’re an actual adult and actually behave like an adult, you’ll want the same exact thing as another adult. If one is an adult and the other isn’t, well then… There’s your problem.

Mondy Wellington

First you have to find one who can do as he is told! Then you need to teach him to love you for that, by the time he is 60 he will probably have learned to say ‘yes dear’ and bring you tea in bed in the mornings. 🙂 just saying.

Eli A Jaquez

That’s bullshit, I proved everyday I was different, and I’m the one getting ignored, and not seeing her for extended periods, even texts and phone calls would go unanswered.

Heather Barron

Yeah I thought I found but I was sure wrong. He still has growing up to do. I’m real woman. Loyal and all but still get fucked over in the end and lose. Why I guess I will never know

Jonathan Edsel

I always say I can show you far better than I can ever tell you. Actions speak louder than words any day lol. I’m just me and that makes all the difference that there will ever need to be.

Lascelles Wilson

That’s why at this Point and time ,when i want a piece of ass just pay for it do what u do get go home back to work make some more money so u could hit that ass again, maybe thats why they say more money more money more money waht u think guys

Wayne Honeyman

Woman want it all one way, then ask where a all good men when it falls apart, really! Invest a bit of time into your man and you’ll find out more often the not he is the guy your looking for

Dustin Todd

If you think all guys are the same, regardless of how they treat you, you aren’t paying enough attention to be in a relationship. More male-shaming by RR.

Larry Wilson

All a guy really wants is for one woman to prove to him all women are not the same.

Tamas Sergiu Gabriel
It is a time when you realize why people who are married are so unhappy.Man plays that role “i don’t give a damn, i want to enjoy my beer”-but he actually care-dont’t show that because he knows that if he show her he gives a damn and let that barrier down, the woman will always step him in her feet.That’s the nature of a woman, when you as a man let that barrier down and start making romantic things or be different in that way that she dream, she fucks you.I can’t even understand why you girls behave like this… Read more »
Evan O'Connell

What a girl gets is usually exactly the type of guy she deserves.

So if she constantly gets players or users….perhaps she should make a few changes.

That guy will never come along while she is acting in a way that attracts a certain type of guy.

Tara Browne

Yes! Please! A genuine, loyal, trustworthy guy that wants a meaningful relationship is all us girls (well, some anyways) want in a guy!

Jaysin Vanier
This is bullshit, cause the minute you prove your not the same, they lose interest, its no longer fun, its no longer a challenge. Girls say they want a nice guy to love them, care about them, be good to them…but really, girls want to be treated like shit. Im not sure if its their own self worth at stake, of it they just want to feel they can change an asshole into a nice guy. Either way, actions speak louder than words, and time and time again its be proven (to me at least) that women dont want a… Read more »
Nick Granillo

She may think I am but I will prove her wrong, no matter how long it takes because I am a man of my word.

Howard Kami Corks

Funny because every women in here has never dogged a great guy for an asshole no women in this comment section has ever cheated shit.you are probably at your “just like my brothers” house right now while your man is at home waiting on you

Merlin Broaddus

I am NOT a “normal” male. I actually care and LISTEN!!! I treat my significant other as she SHOULD be treated. NOT like the “asshats” treat women. but then most women go for the asshats, instead of someone like me.

Hasan Mahmood

Impossible, girls will still find something wrong with that one guy in her life and throw on your face

Darren Oseña

Not true, even if you prove it to her and do all things, it wont matter if she lost her love for you(despite everything you’ve done) 😊

Jon Stillwater
I’ve done it my whole life. Only truly feel in love with my ex wife. But addiction took her from my step daughter and I , 5 years ago. Managed 2 find my 2nd soul mate a gift I never thought God could offer twice in a life time. But she ran when she realized she had never felt true love like we had. She ran before she fell hopelessly in love with me because she knew I could do better. Well I was completely happy with her and won’t 2 marry her. So yes a man can break down… Read more »
Alex Clifton

It’s worth remembering if you keep getting the same response from different people it may well have something to do with how you treat people. Just saying.