Feb 5, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Oken Peters
Most of us allow other things to distract us . like what we prefer but sometimes preferring gets us in trouble ” Take for instance a woman likes a certain type of guy he must be tall he must have a ripped body he must be rich . And a man prefers a woman with a well shaped body big as… Nice boobs pretty and is a wild monkey in bed nothing is wrong with all those things but just remember most people are looking for a super guy and a super girl and if you do end up with… Read more »
Alisha Reece

That seems like the logical thing to do. ❤️

B.j. Eddinger

The person is right in front of me. I just need an answer.

Alexandra Kainalainen-Andersson
Alexandra Kainalainen-Andersson

The best joke from real life: do not miss a tree in front of the forest

Henry Mwanzia

waaaaaaah exactly imgntion,mostly is guided by desire ad desire leads to lust ad lust to i wish i knew

Joshua Hirst

This applys to everyone this is good stuff

Tiffany Lee

A lot of people need to read this

Tasha Boards

The imaginary person might be telling the truth

Pam Nickols

Ok if he’s right in front of me plz can I meet him

Allison Lawson

don’t mistake the one in front of you for what in your heart you’re looking for.

Shaheryar Shaikh

Don’t love the person who enjoys with you. Love the person who really suffers without you,coz the pain of the true love can’t be defined by words!

Nakia Nichole
There is a lot of imaginary stuff in ppls head-sanity, talent, self sufficiency, sobriety, fake arguments w/ppl. They believe their own lie. But when they put on a front to degrade me on Facebook it is hilarious. only for me to partially blow their cover-lol. But you aren’t the only one, I did your friends too. So just relax and clean out your chakras. Jerome should have told you I have that ability. I pulled his too. So when you step to me make sure you have your house clean. You shouldn’t be trying to “teach me”. Lmao no I… Read more »
Kimberly Short

Nooo my heads not going to stop me from loving the man in front of me. My heart and soul knows the truth no matter how much much my brain tries to lie to me. I love him more then anything and I’m sure not allowing a little thing like my brain stop me from that.

Russell Ledet

Lol, don’t worry, I have enough love for both of you. I get the point, thanks for ruining my chances with you even in my imagination you party pooper.

John Adams

What if the person that’s in front of you is the one you’re imagining about and they don’t know because you’re too afraid to say something?

Patricia Jaimes

I won’t , I will love hi. Until I die. I don’t have anyone in my head but him. He is the real deal . Don’t you forget what you hsve, that is real love . I know love when I see it.love you baby

Terry Southard

They’re the same person in my life.