Feb 7, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Bradley Emmer

Not anymore I’m so tired of that! I run after woman that only care for themselves! I am tired of it! I’m a selfless person and love unconditionally, and always do more for woman than they ever do for me! I give woman my all! They give me nothing really in return!

Corinne Ellmer

This to me is about life as a whole. You should not have be prove that you are worth a friendship or relationship. If I learned anything in the past 2 years is that you need to be true to yourself and you are worth it!!!

Jaime Dominguez

Exactly! Those that want to be near you will find ways& situations to be with you. Has nothing to the bike

Myriam Gaudreau

You’re not chasing people anymore, but you run after people who “makes you feel important”. It’s kinda the same thing, since you can’t trust anybody these days. Honey, start loving yourself first and you’ll attract the right people in your life!

Kang Moua

But yet, some people will still expect you to chase because they want to see how much you care. *facepalm*

Chris Burden

. . . so. . . if we were all to think this way wouldn’t we all be sitting around thinking we’re important enough to sit and wait for the other person . . . who’s sitting there . . waiting. . thinking they’re too good to go off chasing ppl. . . . . sounds a bit. . ya know. . silly. . . . we’d all just be sitting around waiting

Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel
Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel

Women love attention just give them that for peace sake

Gillian Barry Jones

there’s a saying that says “ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun…” The shift of power can be a m’fer😉

Shabana Khan

This was a really hard lesson I’ve learnt over the past few weeks.

Tommy Xiong

Well if everyone did this, there wouldn’t be relationships.

Travis Fitzgerald

Nah… I’ll chase! The problem is when she quits letting me catch her. Then it’s no fun anymore 🙂

Javier Sanchez

Not chasing to prove that I matter, but to prove that that person matters.
How ’bout showing how much they mean to us? Now that’s a chase worth trying.

Ryan Bonham

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Melanie Garcia

If you care about each other no one should be chasing anyone! Learned the hard way if you have to chase them then let them go! It hurts less!

Charles Ryan Teo

This applies especially for folks that play hard to get. Tired of doing the chasing and then getting nothing in return. If that person is not interested, at least give an obvious hint that he or she is not interested. Playing mind games – I hate it! Just saying.

Beate Gypsy Jones

Everybody wants and seek attention, specially when you are in a relationship…. so you can save your sarcastic remarks Emmanuel Chiemela Edornwa !!!! ^-^

Ivan San Pedro

Give yourself importance. If they don’t see your worth. Someone out there will see it eventually. Don’t push yourself to someone who doesn’t see your true value. They are too busy looking for your faults, not on what have you’ve done. Be thankful to them. Why? You have the opportunity to wait for someone that will take care of your heart.

Richard Sailer

If they play mnd games with you during the dating time then they will do the same thing during the courtship and marriage. A person who truly loves you doesn’t make you chase them or play hard to get only a person who is unstable minded and enjoys playing mind games and with people’s hearts does that. I say from experience let them go .

Deme Pinchek

You should never have to chase, but in today’s society if you go on a date and you both like each other, I don’t mind calling or texting. The thing is how much is he willing to do back?

Angel A. Martinez

Just thought this today, why chase? You’ll be appreciated at the right time and the right place eventually…

David Smith

While I understand this as far as love relationships go, in friendships, I believe sometimes you gotta proven yourself. If you’re there for me or not. It not so much that they matter, it’s if if the other person matters to you.

Maria Bern

I hate that man for using me as i only look like a thing when he need me for sex his there infront of me but gone when bored with me.I know im so stupid i know its wrong but what can i DO?I dont know why im like this.

Jonathan Savoie

Sometimes too much attention its like no attention… if they really care about you like you care about them they will show you there attention too… you could try and try but if the spark is gone your just getting them more anoyed at you… true life story

Kimberly Yvonne

Bam… and once a person finally realizes his or her value…. the world looks completely different the sun even shines in the rain… 🙂

Nahed Sadaka

I’m here and I’m important I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter