Feb 9, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Theresa Oliver

And sometimes you gotta be thankful for NO SECOND CHANCES. Because, honestly–why repeat that crap?

Janus Char

and sometimes the second choice were given, but you were afraid it will end the same way and dare not to take it

Vlada Gurvits

They end for a reason and sometimes that reason is that you are a dumb ass and don’t know a good thing when you have one. happy Monday folks:). sometimes a second chance is called for, but baby , when she’s gone she’s not coming back most of the time. Forward ☺️ lets go

Melissa Ann Takesian

Second chances is for fools

Emmary Calizar

And sometimes we already give them too many chances and we are running out of chances.

Ken Ken Mo

no more chances …not worth it

Ang Peng Hwee

Sometimes 2nd chances given…. But they dunno how to cherish it and make things right

Davis Michael Wayne

Sometimes they don’t deserve it, just be friends and walk away from your hurt

Jesse Noell

If you do make the most of it every single day, love like you’ve never loved before, and pray for the both of you.

Bobbie Bee

sometimes we need the 2nd chance for that wake up call

Emily Agsalda Christensen
Emily Agsalda Christensen

Yes , so if you’ll given second chances , make it right and learn from your mistake not to do it twice the same mistake ..

Georgiana D'Cruze

I don’t believe in chances !!

Jenny Scully

Some people dont need a second chance if they hurt you enough the first time. Besides, with endings come new beginnings to something even better

Isaac Morales

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Leana Morin

Or you just end them because it’s for the best. Some people don’t deserve second chances or third and so on.

Maria R. Jauregui

Sometimes you give a million chances……and then you get tired and they want one more…… NEXT

Lyndsey Warren Pool

Endings make way for new beginnings, hence there’s always second chances for a newer/better outcome or direction in life. sometimes there just isn’t more chances for what truly is not suppose to be… :/

Lisa Corrado

Or sometimes your stupid enough to give 3rd and 4th chances when it should have ended!!!!

Tiffany Lea Burns

Sometimes you gave it a second chance and things still weren’t right, so you finally realize it isn’t going to change and it ends

Steven Pham

In this world many people rather leave than trying working on it. It’s easier to leave but it’s stronger to love.

Nisha Verma

exactly……never give second chance coz ppl r so fake here dey nvr change…….n dnt deserve second chance…….n feel shit bad after giving second chance:(


Only you can make the choice don’t surround yourself by this negativity

Kimberly Leigh

Giving someone a second chance is like giving someone a second bullet for their gun because they missed you with the first one…

Sweetie Bhabe Austria
Sweetie Bhabe Austria

Yes to me its deserve to give a second chances…no more for the third chances..its better to end..

Alby Paquette

Rrr yea no kidding but thats when its to late , i thought it was to never give up relationship Rules

Lha La Lah

ʹ.I donʹt believe ¡n second chances..¡f he could cheated on me, he also could do ¡t over and over aga¡n..Maybe my love ¡s for last…but my trust ¡s just for once..ʹ


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