Feb 12, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Hyde Montero
If we taught our daughters who God was and what it is to respect him. Our daughters would end up respecting themselves if they respect him, I. Turn allowing God to bless them with true natural beauty and allowing God to find a true man for her if its his will. I know because i am a daughter of God and I let God choose for me BC I had faith in him, I trusted him respected him and in return he allowed my natural beauty to shine through and the Lord showed me my husband. Yes Amen to that.… Read more »
Christie Anderson

I just wish I was a person who was lucky to find love which I havent. Is it because I’m thick instead of skinny? Is It my looks. If someone would like to please talk that would be great? Like help understand that someday I could find what I’m looking for.

Mini Pizzaa

yes !!

Miralyn Onishi

Of course why not but case by case!!!!!!!

Justin Casey

So girls can be girls to men but a guy can’t be a gift to a woman?

Aria Johnson

People should be gifts to each other, not one or another

Virginia McCann
If Only……. I had been taught how to love myself when I was growing up.. I wouldn’t be so hard on myself…and un-trusting about men. If I had been taught how to be a lady, from a mother who owned the personality and characteristics of a lady, I would have known that to be a lady is of right character. If I had known a man as a dad/father when I was growing up… to look up to and who valued me as his daughter, I wouldn’t have made wrong choices in boyfriends, spouses.. and 2 husbands ( and probably… Read more »
Vivian Aghanenu

the ability to know d differences tells how wise a woman is

Judy Reynolds

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Too bad I didn’t have brains enough to figure that out when I was young.

Santosh Bhalke

Beautiful. Sometimes, we flow in emotions n cannot judge d reality. That’s how father is helpful…all daughters should take help of father as a friend !

Braxton Wilson

Nowadays Chivalry is hard to come by, i have to sometimes hid myself because you get these possessive ass dudes who think women is their property and it sometimes get you beat up, * sigh* i hate that its like this now. Nowadays men are running away from their mistakes and leaving the good, actual decent guys to try and fix their mistakes. . .but i can’t say much, it takes a better man to step up to the plate to raise what they ran away from, 1,000 points to me! ^~^

Gail Thompson

Or a woman if she is in a same sex relationship 😊

Sanami Diete Ken
My ideal woman, will be a God fearing woman, who knows what she wants and will never settle for less than she deserves, she is strong , matured minded , easily understand things, who knows what she wants out of life , very independent and hardworking , ready to give and to accept unconditional love, not ready to let go off me at my worst condition , who will go any miles to make me happy , walk through hell, if that’s what it takes just to make me happy, as I will do for her in return, if it… Read more »
Cindy Compary

The same in reverse. Be the daughter a man would want and respect.

Mustafa Alam

Be the kind of man you’d like your son to become, the kind of man you would love your daughter to marry for life. Be the kind of woman you would like your daughter to be, the kind of women you’d love your son to choose for a wife. <3

Steven James More

A lot of women seem to think that men are responsible for all problems and its up to the man to solve said problems, take even a little responsibility for your own problems and you will be far happier