Feb 12, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Emmanual Eugene
Never ever be in love with someone who treats u like a stranger, who ignores u to the core and someone who always take u for granted. Do not be with someone who shows their happiness is more important than yours. Be with someone who the their world involves around you. Be with someone who can’t go on a day talking with u. Be with some one who appreciates your existence not being happy by showing off their happiness to others. Be selfish about urself. Chose the right kind off people who would nt let u suffer an heartache each… Read more »
Lorina Clemente

The best relationship is to make you feel loved and wanted.

Annushia Mallar
Never be in love with someone who claims they love you and yet criticize you with poisonous words breaking all your self confidence and still expect you to be ok with it. Never be with someone who can only see the faults in you and nothing more. And never be with the one who are committed to misunderstand you in every possible way no matter what you do or say! And definitely don’t be with someone who says u both are not meant to be or don’t belong with each other and say they regret being with u after all… Read more »
Mitch Miran


Robert Mills

Absolutely the truth

Manny Mejia

Jeydy Arzola

John Gotti

Roni Beeh

Tabitha Lundy

Alex Cole :3

Jojo Pratt

Josie Bernardino