Feb 12, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jerry Kagiso

there is no perfect partner to have, as much as i am not perfect means that I should not expect a perfect partner

Tahseen Shaikh

Yeah and they dont love each other as they are nor they accept their differences!😓

Elisa Martinez

Relationships suck ass so tired of this shit

Maxen Prophete

That is not always the case. If there is an issue in the relationship and one party don’t care to fix it or even attempt to fix it; then it becomes a legitimate problem.

Ann Rigoli

When you both have very few common interests & different values the relationship suffers. Opposites may attract but they have missing values to make it work successfully!

Ammi Poblete Yu

it happens when there is lack of appreciation..

Narayan Chauhan

I wont agree. Sometimes they worry about their partner. What’s missing is not the point because if it was the thing then people wont get into relationship. Relationship means understanding each other and accepting and improvising it from time to time 🙂

Jeremy August Hartman
Jeremy August Hartman

Most are to afraid to look at their own flaws. It’s sometimes scary peeping behind the curtain. Some schemas are formed when we are very young. Those are some old scary scars

Elena Minel

Don’t concentrate and look for what is missing. Accept for what they are,there is no such thing as perfect.

Mamta Arya

Respect d differences..

Dean Sturgill

And that’s why polyamorous is a much better relationship than monogamous.

Robert Weinstein

Love. The. Positives and accept the shortcomings. Perfect is only a word. In the dictionary it doesn’t exist in a relationship

Tony Hicks

Once you learn to work on yourself with no expectations from your. Partner, thats when things change…. it takes patients tho…. lots,,,,, but works!

Gencel Kiniquito

Always seeking for what the other couldnt, for what the one did and always expecting too much in return :/

Melissa Haralson

the problem with relationships is lack of communication! Love should be unconditional instead of if you change this or that then I will love you .

Lakisha Hubacek

Love is never simple it’s complicated for some. Love is an emotion but a relationship takes more than emotions you need stability, trust, communication, goals, dreams, direction. Love is easy. A relationship is hard. Being with another is about commitment. But there are limits to how much. Depends on the person what those limits are.

Manny Mejia

Jeydy Arzola