Feb 14, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brittany Becker

I just told him earlier that we’re really over not only because he asked me but because I can’t take the hurt anymore. Letting go is so god damn hard but I had to keep telling myself to be strong.

Eddison Gray
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Jessie Meier
But then again, giving a second chance isn’t a crime, and if you get hurt again hopefully you can walk away without any more doubts knowing that person isn’t right for you. Because sometime, giving a second chance may turn out to be the BEST decision you ever make, and if your heart believes in your ability to get over the hurt and your partner’s ability to be who they need/(hopefully) want to be, it’s never a “mistake” to try again. What’s worse, another heartbreak that will just prove what you need to know to move on, or the type… Read more »
Tamara Anne

Tash Jane

Beth Kreuz Baumert

I think in a way we are the smart ones, we are giving someone more than one chance, as no one is perfect, so we are allowing them to fix or repair the hurt, however, it’s when it continues to happen over and over is when it makes you think harder and more. Those people become selfish and it becomes more about them than you anyhow, so they don’t really care if they are hurting you, because they are so blind to see it, sadly… 🙁

Tina Ware

Ughhhhh! especially when the hurt is intentionally but its still so hard to let go. Smh! Come back & apologize & boom there’s the hurt & pain again . I burned the bridge today it hurts me to see my children see me hurt .

Sybil Kawal

And the bastard did it again and again

Kevin White

Yup, it’s like getting hit in the face with a bat. The sad thing is we watch that person do it to us and not stop it. Well, I think I learned my lesson, until I get rocked again with another bat.

Celso Antonio Gomez

Or the person that you thought would never hurt you, ended up hurting you the most.

Dwight Bardwell

We learn more from our successes, don’t dwell on mistakes

Thuy Nguyen

Sometime I think we’re just fucking too blind or stupid cuz we let them do it over n over.

Karina Romantc

nope the worst part is still been in love with him after he has hurt me again and again and again …..

Alice Brothers

Every week or so I learn of yet another way he lied or deceived me… will it ever end

Jim W Hildreth

We only hurt ourselves