Feb 14, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Patrick Campbell

Why can’t it just say “You’re loved by Jesus, know your value” why does a woman’s value have to be tied to the fact that she belongs to a man in some way or another?

Débora Sp

Why I never see anyone talking in the other way: you’re a son of a respected woman and a future spouse of another, don’t let young girls (or yourself) fool you into their lust (or yours), know your value.
Why is always woman who gets that “low value” when they are fooled by guys?

Guys are like “gods” that can never be fooled? Or they are like children, that are “excused” when they are fooled by girls?
(and sorry my bad english xD)

Irene Silveira

Not all fathers are respectful

Shenale Nelly

True but age doesn’t really matter when it comes to lust all ages of men share that same thinking method. Downstairs.

Shawn Patrick McCarthy
Shawn Patrick McCarthy

I love it how it’s always the guys fault cx

Nicole Sklors

I’m not entirely certain that “young boys” is the proper choice of words here. I also hope that both women AND men have respect for themselves. Everyone should know their value.

Simranpreet Kaur

For those who hv been fooled-it’s nvr too late to get back on the right track. It’s nvr too late to implement the lessons learned.

Lucie de Hoogh

Respected father?? That don’t apply on me…

Rachel Smith

But what about all the girls out there that aren’t a daughter of a respected man..
Not everybody has a great background.
But we should look out for our future and respect ourselves.
I still believe the last sentence about knowing our value.

Alex Xela

whether a woman is virgin or been in bed with a few isn’t a criteria to judge her as long as she’s loyal to man she’s with. I ask you, Which woman you’ll like to be: a virgin who cheats on you later or a non virgin who stays loyal to you as long as you two are together ?

Crystal Nicole

Because girls/women don’t want to have sex on their own? They’re so stupid that a boy/man will “fool” them into it? Women can still value themselves even if they WANT to have sex!

Earin Butler

That’s a horrible way to validate ur value!!! Awful quote

Maurine Taylor

Um, I was born out of wedlock to a cheating husband and why should my value be dependent on someone I may or may not spend my life with? I determine my value and not whether I will ever have a marriage certificate.

Patrice Bertulfo
I’ve had several relationships before I met a guy who really cares for me and loves me for who I am and what I’m not. My previous relationships made me feel that no one else will accept me because of having several relationships, and I hate how I am devalued because of that. I loved, and committed mistakes, and I know my value enough to walk away from those people who does not appreciate me. I hate how society feeds the mind of people that girls’ value goes down if she’s been into several relationships. She’s just another person who… Read more »
Shifa Thao

You also could/probably will be a mother of someone. Don’t be a slut mother. LOL

Rita Krouch

Why does a woman’s value go down if she has several partners and why is her value based off the men in her life? A woman should know her value even if she’s had multiple partners. Even if her father was a bastard. Even if she never gets married. Don’t let anyone belittle your value and don’t think your worth less because you’ve had many sexual encounters.

Bianca Rocha

That’s just my personal opinion and observation of this post. Girls tend to forget how valuable they really are. And well the same does go for guys but most of the times from what I’ve seen is that a father is usually proud when their son has slept with many woman. Strange.