Feb 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jay Peters

Yes it is. Sometimes worth walking through fire for. Letting them find their own way for a while, hopefully they find their way back to you. . .

Ramdev Rajpurohit

Chutiyoo it’s not traffic light kee wait karoo…..stop fucking ppls lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Richard Klaver

Waited 21 years before you feel into my life and it was defiantly worth the whole wait 😘

Bella Julita

Tat good relationship, could jus be a friendship (only) ….

Roselen Magaling

mahal n kz kta eh, bkt b ndi q masavi sau… mahal n mhal kta… sbra… ung naiiyak nq kz ndi q msbi…😒😒😒😒😒😒

Candy Buchanan

Gotta check em out. Period. Use GOD’S standards and not your fantasy ideals

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…sweet. So, pls. be back now asap. =)

Richard Wolford

And how long should the wait if she is the one your been waiting for

X-tina Patterson

Patience is a virtue that everyone doesn’t have. I guess I have it cause I’m waiting……patiently……

Marcie Ann Schuster Carmichael
Marcie Ann Schuster Carmichael

The wait is worth it. Stop making excuses to go out of your comfort zone. Just breathe and leap.

Mark Bryson

Mm I’ve been waiting a while but the spiders seem happy in their webs

Kyle Lashley

Once you understand that waking up isn’t guaranteed…waiting & patience turn malignant.

John Myott

i been waiting almost 40 years now, ive come to the opinion that love is a lie

Celia C Rainville

so true but when you do find that one it won’t feel like a wait but, arrival just when it was needed. True love is worth the time.

Vaiva Vaivute

i have met mine when least expected to meet him. went to a friend daughters wedding and all started from conversation & coffee, dates, trips, surprises & now planning to move in together and talking about family. after failures came in true ❀️ so it is worth to wait

Kevin Overly

Been waiting for 47 years and still haven’t ever had a girlfriend all while everyone else is in their 20’s and are getting married and starting families. I have never had a relationship and haven’t even been on a date in 10 years. :'(

Adrian Garcia

Just because you wait doesn’t mean its a good relationship.

Mary Hood-Howard

It was. But things change u think they live u but turns our there only in live with u when u get them everything they ever ask for.