Feb 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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John Holston

Supposed to be that way but when the other doesn’t care enuf to try even though they continue to say they love you, just doesn’t add up. Be blessed and thankful for what you had and be stronger and go on!

Chiquita Makhetha

Stress stress i love my babe but i think he undermines me and im doing all the fighting to make it work but all he tells me is that he loves me will have to see

Ash SunRam

Nope. It takes more strength to walk away from an unhealthy/toxic relationship than it does to stay for comfort and the fear of the unfamiliar.

Petricia Rose Han

Don’t feel guilty for giving up on someone who doesn’t deserve your effort. Give up for self respect when u r not sure where u r standing in their lives. Don’t let urself be the option or backup plan of them.👌👌👌👌

Carlin Smith

Bullshit. If theres continuous problems & issues unresorted and yall both have a hard time getting over them maybe yall should be friends all relationships have problems/arguments but when its an everyday thing or constant then its not gonna work cause you both have to be on the same page consistently if not yall wasting each other time

Jim Hanson

Kismet. Rare but it’s out there. Even still there’s times of trouble. Never betray trust and just love till the years was whine down. Always gonna be some troubled times. Communicate and work through them.

Anneke Peterson

“The situations not ideal” is left for interpretation. That could mean dressing like a bum for some and verbal abuse for another.
This quote insinuates that if you walk, you didn’t care enough.

Sally Yarber Grimes

That’s a pretty broad statement. In a perfect world, sure, but ever situation is different and can be life threatening or mentally & emotionally abusive. I know this first-hand.

Aneta PinkAs
If You truly love someone and situation in Your life is sooo difficult Your brain is telling You to quit…but Your heart will never give up…will never stop loving..even when this brings you the deepest tears…but true love will survive the Biggest Storm…maybe just first You have to do something for the World so then World can do something for You…maybe Your love first have to pass all tests…even when this looks like over…True Love never die…this is why Love is called patience…sometimes You have to put everything in Your life under this love because You just have no choice…You… Read more »
Chris Inkster

Wholeheartedly disagree!! You can love someone with all of your heart and soul. But if their actions are causing you pain, be it mental or physical, you are not obligated to stay and be made to feel insignificant. Someone who claims to love you wants you to be happy. Relationships aren’t always roses and rainbows, but neither should they be all abuse and lies.

Teresa Morrow

I have to disagree with this, IMO, when/if the relationship is dealing with physical abuse, most definitely you need to fold!! There is no excuse for that in any relationship!

Stacy Gartzke

Key words here being BOTH PEOPLE. Don’t expect anyone to stay with your lame ass if all you do is lie, cheat and make them feel like shit all the time.

Keith Loher

This could be worded better though. As it is, it comes off like if you’re being treated badly you should stay because it will get better. Tough times happen, that isn’t a reason to give up, but if you are being mistreated in away then yes give up and move along. I here the same thing all the time from women that I know that have been in an abusive relationship. And abuse isn not just about being hit, It can be verbal or mental. All three are very good reason not to stay.

Reggie L. Harris

It takes tremendous resiliency for both to overcome any differences which may occur throughout the relationship whether it be his or hers…In tough times you don’t fold up like a tent..Your love alone should be enough to take you through ANY ORDEAL.

Norma L Mina

It should be that way but love is not just words…and the words are meaningless if not combined with honest actions. The most important thing is to stand up and realize that you deserve something better than a person that gives up on you.

Dustin Gulseth

I agree too this. But if one is doing the work and other doesn’t put in the work and just says sorry. That’s lost situation..