Feb 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Joshua Wulf

It’s just a shame that most women are incapable of recognizing a good man because most of the men they meet are assholes.

Anthony Adams

Hell, they’re so busy claiming to be “Good” women, makes you think most of them aren’t. When most claiming it so loud….aren’t!!! They’re covering up something!!! ;0)

Hope Pirillo

How about when they tell you all the right things & make you believe you have a future with them & they just walk away with no explanation. That’s bullshit. That’s soooooo wrong.

Luvlia Hr

Only a real man will see that..& his instinct will say..”She’s the one for me”..& he will keep her entirely..😌💕

Alvin Mortimer

Sure will, so if he isn’t it’s probably your fault… play with your man more than your phones ladies. Especially on Valentine’s day 😋

Tracy Van Wicklen

If he’s a good man and he really loves the woman he would not use her and break her heart because he didn’t get what he wanted from her and leave her crying for days and leave her thinking she’s not good enough and all she wanted was for a man to love her

Mathi Ma

A women doesnot need a perfect man..all she needs s someone she can trust and who wont be cheating on her physically or emotionaly behind her back..every woman needs a man who loves her immensely and will never plsy games with her heart..and last but not the least she needs a man who s willing to stay in relationsjop with her faithfully for the rest of his life..agree?

Mathi Ma

Every woman needs a man who lets her perfectly herself..No woman likes to be twisted and molded into another image ..she wants to be loved for what she is with all her flaws and imperfections…. 🙂

Reggie L. Harris

Ladies are far too adoring to have to BEG 4 ANYTHING…If a man doesn’t NOTICE HER ASS IS SHE SHOULDN’T BE WIT HIM

Gerrod Simon-Allen

And vice versa, a good woman should appreciate when they have good man. Not perfect, but good!!!

Russell N Mary

A good man will let her know every day how important she is !!!!

Stacy Loreen Salonn

A good man will also never give up on you! A good man knows your worth, and will never stop fighting for you, even if it seems hopeless!! Even MORE, a good man doesn’t chase you, and then walks away because he has you and doesn’t have to anymore!

Cherrylyn Lucas

Sweet…you should know & trust your partner more than anyone else. Remember, a relationship is for 2 people only…not a 3rd party & definitely not the whole world. Don’t let other people ruin your relationship. =)

Jana Mills

Only a good man that’s ACTUALLY INTERESTED in her. Geez!!! A man is not a bad man because he doesn’t dig her equally in return.

Marc CoogiMan Bonds

Yeah i hear that. I read that. But if a guy gives her all or tries to, even lets her know how good, wonderful, amazing she is and well she walks all over him. Or just doesnt believe it until its from another mans mouth then… well you know……
In hindsight he is the one doing the begging.

Brenda Yoder

Absolutely! And this goes both ways…anyone, man or woman, who has to beg to be loved, needs to move on. Be strong enough in who you are on your own! Love yourself, better yourself, hold your standards high and know your worth, and only give your heart to someone who is worth it.

Roselyn Bisa Belen

But sometimes a good woman is not chosen for some reason. Her values which differs them become the basis. Only the man who sees how good it will affect her in his life with her core values will be the one who will choose her.

Eric Sarasin

That goes both ways. Women may recognize a good man, but still usually choose an asshole anyway so the good man can be her friend and comfort her when the asshole does his thing…

Tammy Hirshberger

You men are so jaded. I for one know how to treat a good man. I’ve treated the assholes in my life really good but I won’t ever give a guy respect who hasn’t earned it again. Respect, love and loyalty are a two way street.

Lee Warren

I’ve never found that to be a problem. The biggest problem I’ve found, is that they wanted to be reminded. Every. Fucking. Hour. Of. The. Day. To hell with that shit. Those girls need a babysitter, not a man.

Juana Garcia

I get it from good man…. that are taken already. 😢😢
The ones that are single just want to be on the rebound all the time. No commitment, no strings attached. Ugh, they miss out on a good woman and I miss out on the opportunity to have someone to love and give my all to.
It’s all, or nothing at all.

Karma Frantz Roberts

Both men and women are afraid of being hurt again. We’re less open and vulnerable because of our past hurt. It takes a special set of circumstances for both to even find the “potential right guy or gal”. Times are different and not in a good way.

Susana Lim

Think so,if man knew and smart to know the words satisfaction. If he has that he never regret,the blessings will over🌄 flow.

Ricky Dumser

A good woman will recognize a good man without him having to beg her to do so. <3