Feb 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Gina Marie
I can honestly say I have to agree. My husband married me at my heaviest and never ever judged me for it ever. Even though I have lost a lot of weight I am still heavy and he has always made me feel like the most attractive women in the world. The way he looks at me after 20 years is the way all men and women should look at there spouse. Even though in today’s world women are supposed to look like Barbie dolls my husband always says I’m in love with you for who you are and I… Read more »
Carey Surlak

Yes. My soul is good…I know it is…that’s what’s important to me! ❤

Faiza Gull

that type of love rarely exsist in this world its a wish of every woman but unfortuately rarely get that man ..!!

Nosipho Nkabinde

True DAT cos bodies do change when tym goes by unless u go 2gym every day 2 maintain it

Luvlia Hr

The one who luvz ur body & face will be temporarily..& the one who luvz ur soul will be permanently..😌💕

Aastha Dhingra

True but many ppl still looks for outer beauty. For them inner beauty, the soul is secondary

Erica Hughes

Or someone that loves both. Us gym rats work hard to be strong and maintain what we have! 👑💪

Adeshina Mosunmola Aderonke
Adeshina Mosunmola Aderonke

True,for the person that loves your body when he is through with your body or has seen what he wanted will move to the next person but the person that loves you soul will be intrested in how it grows

Abdul Wajid

This is the reason now days mostly couples fail to get love ..#beauty inside is very important mostly peoples love body and face so they get heart .. #Happiness always come from inside .. #beautiful heart always give you happiness .

Jennifer Amburgey

Now that I’m older weigh 20-30lbs more, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. No one walking up to me, looking at my boobs and asking if I want a drink or to go home with them.

Jeneina Layah Jenau

What if guys don’t even bother trying to get to know me spiritually or mentally. It doesn’t matter how smart, kind or thoughtful I present myself, guys just come around trying to get physical with me. Do people think we do want to be with someone that wants ur for our soul? It is devastating today’s world!

Evelyn Maralit

I thought I already meet someone who has substance. Lust, love beauty. Is there but choose kindness , intelligence ,the beauty of the soul, the magnanimity of the mind,…after all,being human and weak of character, lust and beauty prevails.

Alix Camacho

Be with someone who loves your soul PRIMARILY AND your body not matter how it is….. Body will change with time anyway…..but the beauty of our soul remains forever.

Keith Loher

I would say both. Lets face facts here, the body is the first thing you see. So the first thing you learn about a person is what they look like. Also as much as I don’t like to say this, if you have no spark on the physical level it might not happen or last. Though I stand by my idea that looks are only 1% (or should be) of the whole.

Cheri Christiansen

Both! Be with someone who loves your mind, body, and soul!

Raquel Ramos

Sadly in today’s world having a body in more important!! Or if you don’t fit there “image of the girl they want” is not even possible!!

Bonnie Hackney
The first thing people should notice is how a person represents themselves. If you have the looks, that’s great, but most importantly, it’s what on the inside that counts. A women shouldn’t have to flaunt herself to get attention, if she carries herself well, she’ll get the respect she’s looking for. Same thing with a man. Be yourself. Remember looks are a bonus, but looks aren’t everything. You don’t stay with a person just because you think they are beautiful or sexy. A person can be pretty or cute, but if their soul on the inside is ugly, then they… Read more »
Mustajab Khan

Relation or love of the body is temperory while true love is the love of soul .