Feb 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jess Enriquez

God has given me the best man in the world 😍😍😍 in him i realized, our ability to give love is from God. He has opened my heart to love. I prayed for him, his sins and his life. And God blessed us.

Olivia Arts

I dont pray for his spirit…. I take the card to the liquorstore and just buy some spirits he can share with me 😂😂😂

Danny Waldren

Do you say abracadabra at the start of your prayer or at the end?

Billy Mills

thats awesome having her pray but only as a friend when you wanted more,but prayers will reveal the truth!!!

Victoria Almeida

Naw guys only want you on your knees for one reason and it ain’t for praying

Sherry Werner

God should be the cornerstone in any relationship….should I ever meet the one, I most definitely will pray for him.

'Jude Naca

its actually pretty serious by how someone would choose to look out for you instead of living with you

Mark Ericksen

what kinda woman do you the kind that says a small penis won’t effect your relationship in the long run but you wish she didn’t have one?

Angie Murrish

I pray for my partner each and every day and he prays for me God is the center of our relationship.

Mark Connors

But if you pray for something and it’s not in God’s divine plan, isn’t that a bit self serving? Should God change his plan just for you?

Davidson Scot

Hi,am Davidson and am new on this page, looking for a good,caring and loving woman that I can have a long term relationship with (no games please) I know not everyone is perfect in everything they do but God is and yes I know he will help me get the right woman. AMEN.

Kelly Pegram

You can pray for him and want nothing but the best for him and have nothing but good intentions for him. But it hurts when he doesn’t care about you like you do him. It hits you like you’ve been slapped in the face. Makes you stop and think about things.

Roel Garcia

I’m gonna work on me Lord, not gonna worry about who is it isn’t in my life. Gonna trust in Your timing and when the time is right and I’m ready, You’ll send the right one.

Madelein Martin

GOD is not one to be mocked. ……and if we really love HIM we should pray according to HIS will…….But also nothing is hidden to HIS eyes…….HE sees even a leaf that falls in the ground

Amy Louise Cooper

I prayed for a guy that treated me like dirt suddenly never saw it coming I really thought he was a actual good guy but no another jerk 🙁

Rhonda Lee Bonecutter
Rhonda Lee Bonecutter

One more thing he gave up, no I still pray for him, I have always prayed for him and God finally showed me that I could not save him and I needed to let go, it was a hard lesson but our son and I are much happier, hope he is too.

Mhie Mine

Amen…as I always do…praying is powerful and God knows everything…just keep the faith…