Feb 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Roy Perrine
This once broken heart of mine thought that all I deserved was pain, suffering and being lied to. Then one day when I had enough I learned to love again. I learned to love myself. And let me tell you all something, it is when I did that is when I knew that I could trust again and to love another person again. One year later and the most amazing thing happened to me, I found a soul just like mine who deserves a love once thought to be non existent, this woman has shown me that I just like… Read more »
Shirley Jackson

That is the most honest and true statement I’ve heard today. You can only love those who want to be loved.

Tinashe Dziva

And true love is like grace, it shines through our cracks.

Aira Forsander

I have hurt so many times but I have never lost trust for love cause it’s not love which hurt even these whom I have loved ☺
And again it became proved love still exist and I still can love 😍
And the best is that I’m truly beloved from Gary 😍

Shirrin Asal

I’m waiting for the right time and right person because I deserve that 😊

Kathy Lisle

Makes sense
I have lost everyone and everything I love deeply! Love is stronger even than death!

Umair Ch

There is a difference in Giving up and deciding not to take someone’s bullshit anymore

David Pounders

Amen and I love her so much she will never know how much she means to me. The world is not big enough word…

Riece McCloud

And thank God I did, or I never would’ve known how wonderful love can be. I love you honey.

Izabella D-Alphabet

No matter how many times “love” has been tarnished by my relations, I will always have faith that true love exists.

Suzy Davis

I will forever believe in Love, God is Love and we all need to keep faith!

Patricia Williams

I Believe In My Self And I Love My Self.I Don’t Need Drama,Foolish, And Stupidity In My Life I Have Time For It. God Loves Me That Enough For Me. I Don’t Like Lying Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yossra Mazen

Maybe it’s more wise than before.. hope it’s much stronger.. less shy of choosing who to know and who to reject, not to b chosen from wrong people and accept for just sweet words.. Hope so..

Paolo Mendoza

To me, a person may break my heart, but the next person doesn’t deserve to be treated as though they were the ones that broke my heart. A new person is a new experince, a new start, a new canvas to paint your love with. They aren’t the person that hurt you, they don’t deserve to be treated the same as the person who did.

Mrg Tochi

If I didn’t believed in love,I would be like gold with out the shine, like an eagle with out the wings I wouldn’t be human. Love is the one thing that keeps a marriage going to forgive, to respect, to provide, n to communicate with each other.

Nush De Silva

Never stop believing in love, just because you have mistakes in the past by sending that love to the wrong ones, learn from the mistakes for next time!!! Don’t loose faith….

Happy Tariq

let me trying to do what’s the results will comes up ,, no no never try to do that may be you lose your (…..) love hahaha,actually now a days most of people waiting for such a things to happen, being waiting and waited until you may be not able to have a friend if isn’t happen …

Lisa Brown
Yep. I have been broken and used. Lied to and treated like crap, and lied about, but I still find that my heart has love in it, but also walls for those whom have used and abused that love. I still wake up and find reasons to live, love and laugh. Although it has been a struggle dealing with it for the past several years. I still hold my head up because I know and the good lord knows the person I truely am. If you ever did know me you will find that I am the softy inside and… Read more »
Onyi Onome

If you are hurt for love it doesn’t stop’s you loving someone it help’s your growth in a relationship.