Feb 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Angela Rankin

omg! this should be rule #1 in the relationship bible (if there is one). I’d rather we OVERcommunicate. when I don’t know and left to my own devices, I tend to overthink and overanalyze. sue me, I’m a virgo! lol

Bianca Maria

true. unfortunately not all couples can do a good communication. i mean 2 ways communication. not respond that we get but reaction that we get. so speak up ur mind n let it go..😛

Katie Maple

Yeah unless they aren’t interested in hearing it or even putting anything into practice, and there is only one person putting any effort into the relationship :/

Brennan Mary

This is very true and it goes both ways for men and women. If you do not communicate with each other you both will never really know each other at all so talk to each other people so you know what each other likes and dislikes and you will have a better relationship when you do .

David Johnson

This is a loaded statement… Imagine if you were to listen and communicate instead of suppressing your feelings and emotions like you were taught…

Stephanie Marie Lee

But sometimes sharing everything either makes you strong or destroys your relationship… Cause not all people can ever agree on something since everyone has different beliefs, moral values and…. We are all just made different…

Clifford Truax

If there is one thing I have learned about women..its that most of them dont know what they want…they listen to others to much instead of their own heart.Most gals cant understand there is a reason you chose them instead of their crazy friend they getting advice from.

Clyde Hudson

Not only with your partner, but with everyone you ever deal with throughout your entire life, lack of adequate communication will cause you more problems than everything else put together.

Gazza David Robbo

Exactly !!!! My ex thought I was a mind reader I never stood a chance hahaha some women really believe you have special mind reading powers 🙂

John Diggs

Yes!! I’ve dated several girls now that would always assume everything and was always wrong… just wish people were straight up

Renee McIntosh

Yes but when you tell them over and over how you feel and then say your just botching it’s probably a sign to leave. What’s a relationship without communication and respect.

Rohini Bhargava

And wen there is no communication then….Nd wen after a ” so called ” communication if partner still doesn’t understand thn

Tamara Huovinen

what if you do communicate and it’s not being recipricated? at some point you get tired and the feelings go and once the feelings are gone, they are hard to get back if at all! i agree to communicate but it has to come from both sides! if there’s no trust and no communication then it’s time to move on!

Darrell R Perry

Sorry but “Most women ” don’t care, you can talk to them about anything and everything until your last breath and if it isn’t inline with their wants and needs they don’t care!!

Brian David Kidd

Women test men’s love for them.
Make statements that men should know what a woman needs and thinks.
Women constantly assume everything.

Yet will not allow men to communicate and work with open discussion about anything.

Cause in her mind, he is to follow and do everything she wishes and demands without question.
And do it without her asking.

Naomi Rutherford

Yeah i just recently miss understood my partner about something and it was really seriouse., and she got hurt. IM SO SORRY MY LOVE… PLEASE FORGIVE PLEASE

Cynthia Mancuso

But the communication should not be one telling the other one that if you want this relationship to work you need to do what I tell you. Do exactly what I say and everything will be fine. If not I’m done. I’m tired of having to repeat myself. Then I have to get loud because you don’t listen to me. You bring out the worst in me, you bring out the monster that once lived in me so long ago.

Rain KF

Yes you should communicate, what you want but you have to use different types of communication because if you’re always telling them I want this, I need that they may feel like they’re not doing anything right and thats not what you want to communicate. I like to drop subtly hints (they sometimes backfire 😩) but if the hints don’t work, find ways to communicate what you want without making the person feel inadequate.

Nirmalya Sengupta

Very True..it’s about feelings..senses..explorations..study..communication..any many inner qualities that works together to know each other deeply..closely naturally and that build a happy healthy bond of relationship together..

Amy Weich Mauser

Oh, this is soooooooooo hard to do. Communication; sex; and money are the top 3 reasons why relationships either succeed or fail. If you don’t have all 3, it seems as though you’re doomed.

Tabatha May

My husband doesn’t want to communicate at all. I pay the bills.do the house work. And take care of the kids plus hold a full time job. He states his job is to eat sleep and work. If I try to communicate or even express how I feel about anything he tells me to get a therapist.