Feb 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Minya Tigris

Yeah there’s nothing worse than turning to someone who you thought was a friend, when things are crashing down around you, and watching them turn their back on you and walk away. This is when you realise that some people are not the friends they present themselves to be. Bye bye to them. 🙂

Loulou Gonzales

Be brave enough to survive , I got use to doing everything on my own

Amelia Angeles

Facts of life! Be happy. As one wise Mom told me, ” Enjoy life. Count your blessings and don’t dwell on your misfortunes”.

David Donahue

Funny how people complain about being ignored.. when they’re the ones doing it

Ann Croitoru

But there hasn’t been many sadly where I have burned myself out!

Coral Hyland

amazing how many, you think of as friends, who disappear when you inform them you have Cancer.

Xavier Malfitano

I’ll never forget that I was thrown away, left for dead when I needed her the most

Zach Durham

I also always remember what is said to me when I need someone too. And how they act like it’s not a big deal or don’t care

Mara Paulino

Unfortunately at the time of my pain I’m always alone. But I say that about humans. Because the only one who is always with me when I need it most is God.

Luvlia Hr

I’m more emphasize for those who r being ignorance..They r stuck up ppl..
self-oriented..self centred..I’m sick & tired of that kinda ppl..
Make me.. ‘PISSED OFF’ ..PERIOD..!! 😏

Lyka Bugtong

Still, you have to forgive those people who deserted you when you needed them the most. For your own peace of mind. Even if it is hard. You have to. 🙂

Rose Kennedy
Amen I emphasize for the ones that know that they had someone to help them and they turn their back on them and don’t even ask if there is something that they can do to help them that helped them in a time of need,They are called selfish and self center,but beleive me God eyes are not closed he sees all.Sometimes it let you know if you need to keep that person in your life,if they think they can do better with out you so be it.There is nothing worse than to think that this person would turn theie back… Read more »
Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…don’t worry, I’m a fair/just person. Unfortunately, both of them did me wrong in a different time & for different reasons. That’s why, whoever comes back first physically for me now…for good, will win. Valentine’s Day is coming soon, I think that’s the best time to prepare & show-up & start the journey to FOREVER. =)

Joseph Martinez

Really though! Who was there for you when you truly needed them. Going through the Hardest time of your life and having someone who truly wants to take your Pain away! The person who asks if you’re alright before you have to ask for Help! They see the pain in you, they hear it in your voice, they spot it in your posts! Those people are the Real MVP’s! I just want to make sure you’re okay! I care about you and the struggles you’re going through!

Patsy Baughman

This is one relationship quote that I like. Its true a lot of times