Dec 20, 2016
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Ray Martinez

I’ll love you, but I ain’t listening to your damn music.

Deirdre Mahan

And now I’m sitting at my desk in tears. So much for being professional!

Lisa Holdsworth

One day I will meet someone who knows who Ryan Adams is and who Joe Bonamassa is one day.

Erin Theirin

Just keep breathing and keep moving. Eventually, life brings you to a place where this is possible.

Daniel Mejía

I fear someone hurts her now she is not with me anymore, I feel the need for talk to her, to run to her and hug her holding her back like the first time. I feel how my soul is turning of slowly but I can’t do nothing, bc she wants me far away of her life :'( I really wanna die.

Virginie Migliorati

tout le monde mérite de connaitre un jour ce sentiment de plénitude face à l’amour. Il peut durer que quelques temps ou toute une vie; Ce n’est pas une histoire de musique ou de films, ou autres, mais une histoire de concession sans se perdre soi-même! Tant pour le bonheur des 2 personnes à part entière que celui du couple réunit.

Celia Gray

I think that if people valued themselves a little more, they wouldn’t be so ready to accept/expect so little from their relationships.

Erin Theirin

Not traditional death, but the death or passing of your past. Learn to accept that things are gone and look forward to finding new things that thrill you. Look forward to life and living again.

Ashish Kumar Sarkar

So many people cheat in love but still they are loved by them on whom they cheated….but i you love someone truly they will never understand it and will go behind the one who deceived them …..its so peculiar …………..

Audrey Laliberte

Not everyone is going to love us and that’s OK. Love yourself, the ones that don’t love you, you don’t need them either. Give your energy and love to those that do. They are the ones that deserve it.

Kyle Correia

So many people that are the abusers in relationships, read this stuff. And it just bolsters their phycosis. I think the number one advice should be. LOOK AT YOURSELF first. Before you start blaming the person your with.

Lorraine Varley

OR you could just learn to love yourself like that. Not everyone finds someone. Just because it’s not done to be alone, short or overweight in Hollywood, doesn’t mean we in the real world can’t be happy with ourselves the way we are. Stop looking for ‘the perfect partner’ THEY DONT EXSIST’ because we are not perfect so they will never fully meet our expectations. Find happiness with yourself and maybe then you will be comfortable enough to have a not perfect person be comfortable with you too.

Mallory Patricia

must be nice.. i have everything except for “laughs at your jokes” .. @tubz tibbo