Oct 15, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brian David Kidd

For many men this is true,
Because many men give their hearts to women that don’t value them, who they are, but they value what they can do for these women.
As they demand these men to give everything they have to these ungrateful women.

Michael Pazsa

Mine has nothing to do with a woman . Its a family member i helped them out with so much gave up alot of my spare time and then just to get a massive kick in the teeth. Never got an apology either after the shit that went down. Would call them a dog but dogs come back for forgiveness this cunt is a snake and i will never do a single thing for them again. At the end of the day they are the one missing out.

Maja Lagaca

Men dont realize that a good woman will do everything for them to be happy. And we invest not only our time but our feelings as well. But these guys are sweet and romantic only at courtship til the beginning of the relationship. And when they find another girl, they turn their attention to them. The sad part is that they blame the woman for their infidelity. They leave an honest loving woman for a greedy low class bitch

Madelaine Kay Ginning
Madelaine Kay Ginning

I look at it as a lesson, without that person, i wouldnt be where i am now. Yes its been a rollercoaster, but i have learnt so much from the experience. i wouldnt change it for anything

Ronald Ruiz

True men including myself have sacrificed for these women but @ the end we have just wasted our time but mostly our broken hearts & expectation’s for our feelings for these women.

Cathy Ruble Prause

Just ended a lesson in life 2 days ago…I guess I invested too much time in “overthinking” a relationship that was apparently never a relationship. …that was eye opening.

Don McBride

I disagree. People are brought into our lives for one of two reasons; to become a friend for life or a lesson of life..

Julie Diane Guenther

Not wasted, just hurts so much when it doesn’t work out.
I loved him more than he could accept..
However, I’m going to be HAPPY as he is HAPPY now..

Saqib Tanveer

There’s a difference between wasting time and loving someone. If you know, you two can’t be together and still hope for the best then that’s not wasting time.

Sahar Khanoum

Yup 8 yrs – all because I was “too nice” to kick him to the curb. How did he thank me? By planning for a month and a half, premeditating his departure, abandoning me, and telling me over the phone he was never coming back. Oh, and continuing to lie and manipulate me on the phone for another five months. I guess the trash took it self out πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ˜‚

Brenda Sheppard

Time spent with or on anyone was not a waste of time, no matter if it was for a day or for 30 years, that timing was God’s plan.

Akiko T Fujiwara

When you didn’t love me the best but other relations and other girls were more important than my birthday or morning cuddles, you spent a whole summer in my apartment with me. Bet you wasted your time. Guess saved your money.

TJ Hicks

I don’t feel like it was a waste. We may not have been what I had hoped for and that’s gonna sting for a while but my feelings for her brought out stuff in me I suppressed for a long time. She helped me find myself again and made me a better me for someone else.

Michelle Handel

Yes,we all do in fact I wasted a year on someone who always said the Right things to me that’s what kept me hanging on but he didn’t want anything serious which I had high hopes that would change but it never did so it’s time to move forward and hope to find The Right one although being single isn’t bad either 😊

Elaine Galbraith
i hear what you are saying. you can look at it as wasted. however; there is the positive. I have 3 wonderful children from those 20+ years and a lot of good times. the kids still do have a loving and caring father. yes, i resent that he chose someone else over me. i do feel like i had been thrown away. i have grown since then. i cant imagine a life with him at this point in my life. i’m glad i have moved on and am not in a rut of a life i could have had if… Read more »
Hannelore Nicholson

I sure did,to a lying,Cheating,low life Bum,man hoe evil spirit in human flesh. What a looser.Lesson learned

Ansar Ali Mehar

When it comes to love and loss, acceptance is never easy. We can’t make someone see all we have to give, make them love us, or make them change. All we can do is move on and stop wasting time.

Nancy Otazu

Seriously? are to trying to make our life experience and lesson a failure? Yes there are relationships that can’t move foward due to many circumstances but they all had some things that it was worth to try. I like my collection of failure now I love more deeply and unconditionally.😁😁

SeanEdward Rojas
I spent over 4 years with someone and she just threw everything like it was nothing at all just recently. It’s extremely difficult facing this fact due to where my heart still till this day. A huge part of me feel like my time is wasted on someone so ungrateful where she used me for everything possible. I tried everything possible to be a good man to her but I guess it wasn’t good enough for her. I still want to work things out with her but if it’s meant to be then in time it will. We both need… Read more »
Andrea Abdelnour
I just recently learned that we unfortunately pour out a lot from ourselves when helping other people including our expectations. When we helped other people out we should do it from a place where we don’t feel like we are losing if that person doesn’t respond the way he/she should according to our expectations. Help with your best intentions and resources without expecting anything and without being a threat to your peace. You inner peace is not negotiable and belongs to you regardless of the people that comes in and out of your life. If in the end, they decided… Read more »
Jodi Bass

Wasted 25 years on the wrong one before I realized it. Gave over half my life to him and endured a lot and forgave a lot in those years. I lost my self in the process and when he left I was so convinced I could not live without him I tried to kill myself. He didn’t even care and that’s when I realized he probably never did. So I don’t plan on wasting my time again.

Barbie Ann Guitard

Time is precious…..don’t waste your time….three more days and I’ll be visiting FB very rarely for business only. Good bye Social media….probably be the best decision I’ve made since quiting smoking years ago..:P

Dana Westerman

I’ve been through this over and over and over I’m 46 years old and the last one was the one that I think I really truly loved and never felt anything like I did with this person with anyone else and I’m completely devastated it’s been almost 2 months and I should be over it by now but I’m not in this person moved right on and didn’t think twice about it I don’t know if I can ever trust anyone again

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Thea Chan

it’s wasted if you view it that way..but if you go back and think of what had happened for sure you learned something out of it.