Jan 18, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Dilini Kaushalya

These are just comforting words. When u keep failing all the relationships in a row, that’s hint from ur fate, that u r not destined for a happily ever after. It is the harsh truth that no one’s ready to accept. 😓💔

Luvinmylife Hernandez

YUPPP!! I know that from experience……my mistakes led me to my happily ever after 🙂

Joshua Parry

Except now days every other week people are entering new relationships talking how they’ve found the one.

Sandy Hillhouse

And how true Patrick you are the right person, and in 43 days we will be one

Crystal Louise

Yes.. I was upset.. I cried.. but I moved on. Now I can be w the right person…

Teng Sipin

Yes!!! ..but this time…im waiting for God’s approval. ..i will not be i a rush!!! Hahahah

Shanna Lantta

Don’t think so! Lol you just know better who’s not worth your time. Doesn’t mean the so called, “right person” magically comes along because you’ve dated a bunch of losers!

Jason Yungkans

Keep telling yourself that, liars. Everyone has 1 soul mate in this world, and that is it. Everyone else is flings and space fillers.

يسري الانصاري

So true alot of pplx is enter in our life wrong person always gives the lesson but why we give the oppurtunity to wrong person …. 😥 wrong always hurt too much ….

Ishfaq Ahmed Pathan

wrong person or right person. its all about ur judgement. dont ever go blindly for someone.. if they make mistakes once twice or even thrice, forgive them.. but if making mistakes and telling lies and cheating and breaking promises is their routine work.. then kick their bitchy ass hell outa ur life…

Linda Sokol

They arent mistakes. Life isnt a mistake its a lesson and my lesson is that im destined to be single which tbh im happy about. Things happen so your directed down the path your supposed to go.

Ritchelita Jacob-Callo Ragojos

In God’s hand and His will, will lead you to someone who is destined in you at the right time..Don’t be in rush,be patiently instead..those people who been met is a part of our journey to led us were or whom to belong with.

Gel Berry Ventura

Just like the road, finding true love has bumps too. So just seat back and go with the flow. 😊 it will lead you to the same finish line!

Mhie Mine

Yup…something make me realize…..what happened to me…This is not mhie…I hurt so much but I am a strong woman now…I can face the world and I can live without you…

Zach Patton

I literally just had the absolute worst moment of my already ending marriage last night and then this shit keeps popping up. Thanks guys

Luvlia Hr

Sometimes from falling with a bad person/wrong person is teaching u how to falling with a right person in the future..
Another words..an ironically..
“Learn how to be grown up”..😊

Tanya Sweet

It’s been one heck of a year… sure hope these words are true.