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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Andrea Watkins Wells

No! After so many years of being single, even not actively looking for a relationship. At some point, you just have to accept the fact that love will NEVER find you and that you will be alone FOREVER. There is not someone for everyone. A lot of us will die alone and unloved.

Alvin Chand

Baaa I want this for us. I want us to settle. Please come back to me ???

Diane Strom

Like my mom used to say, they aren’t going to knock on your door!

Kait Beyer

We’d all like that to be the case. But who knows anymore. I think the man I’m dating will be my last, but I also thought the same of my ex-husband.

Johanna Diaz

Wtf …you cannot decide this ..!you never know if its going to work or not it does not depend only on one side ….

Namrata Kaur

Those same things that person has me with his big heart.

Victor Switboi

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people do not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument.

Leen Michael

I said this 2015 and I tried my best and I got hurt 2016 so I don’t want relations anymore want to be single for ever!!!

Smita Mehrotra

It takes time to settle in a relationship. Let us give chance to the person to understand you.If he/she still can’t understand the utility of the bond then we may walk alone the aisle.

Lauren Barnes Jacox

Yeah, I said that last time and he just left me a month ago after 12 years for someone younger. I’m not sure I even believe in love anymore so…

Kirt Swarthout

I can only hope and pray. But by not rushing into anything I’ll hope to know a little of what lies ahead.

Mona Tingling

Take out that can I get an amen crap. It just makes the whole thing tacky. Now I don’t even want to like it. Yuck!

Ysidro Lopez Jr.

I was married for 11 years till I divorce my late ex wife but before marrying my wife we dated for 13 years but I divorce her because I though she was cheating on me but found out that her cancer came back and she was keeping it from me so now I have dated but always get the wrong person in my life why because I was in hurry to get have someone in my life instead of trusting, having faith and being patient for the Lord Jesus Christ to show me or give me that person that he… Read more »

Christine Magdy

That’s my goal , do everything and all efforts for one man only who u can imagine ur life with him , u will not give up no matter what ,who u can fight for him .
Who will be a life partner for u , lover,ur back bone.
That’s why I will not give up until he find me or l find him .
All what l met weren’t worth .
So no matter how long u r waiting , bc u r watching for the right one so it’s deserve.

Tonja Nowak

There is no such thing as fairytale endings…there is an expiration date on my face, I’m getting older and the younger ones are taking over after 14 years of just being…reality needs to hit at some point….

Helen Phillips

This is so self centered. This is what everyone is doing which is why no one is finding anyone ??

Roger Rocking Miller

man has been single for so long, now chnage has come, i have to find my PLus one