Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Shanice Castro

It’s hard when only one is making efforts. It really does take two and if you ever feel like you put in more work… just talk about it. Many issues can be fixed with GOOD and HEALTHY communication. It’s something I learned this year and working hard on.

Alvin Chand

Baa πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜’ I will always try and will always love you please come back to me πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Charlie Gardner

Someday I’ll find mine… Till then I’ll keep searching. Glad for all you people who have true love. Keep it going strong.

Josee Locz

This no longer exist either you get play or they do there best to put you down just a dream now days love ain’t how it used to be

Doug James

Yeah well the chances of both doing that is slim to none…ppl give up too easily.

Akansha Saxena

exactly..’two people’.,it takes a joint effort to make it work,one prsn trying will nvr be enough..you’re either in it togethr or you’re nt in it at all

Melissa Teeter

Our love comes easy. It has since we were 12. We are 38 now and STILL so in love it’s even unbelievable to use considering the world of today.

Luvlia Hr

When two ppl care & luv each other..they will keep their relationship work..No matter how hard it is..they will fight for their luv & make it last..FOREVER..πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•

Stubborn Ish

Unfortunately nowadays most say they believe in this and at the first sight of a problem that needs to be worked through they throw their hands up and walk away.

Marti Hobizal Wostarek

key words “two people”….one can’t do it on their own! πŸ™

Huma Mehfooz Hussain

Effortless relation seems to be more right thing.. rather then always staying in state of effort for which one day u are destinied to exaust urself..

Beckey St Onge

We had an amazing Love Story, The Notebook was our Movie, said we’d die together…then life got in the way, he made wrong choices…and now we are apart…have been for 3 years. How do you ever truly get over it…It’s a struggle every day…I pray to have him out of my soul…I wake, he’s there, I sleep, he’s there, I cry, he’s there, I’m angry, he’s there….I just want it all gone, to forget it all…to move on, move on with my life….I can’t believe I’m still struggling with this…FML

Dave Creary

Well let them know that it’s not over and you still care and you want to work on being together forever…the longer you wait the less chance you have to find out if that love is slipping away from you.You don’t only owe it to them you owe it to yourself so you can move on….true love only happens twice in life,your first love and your last!!!!!

Tim Wood

You don’t give up on true love! It’s not suppose to be easy and it won’t always be cuddles, date nights, hot sex and good times… Those are easy to find in lots of people. Love is truly recognized when it gets ugly. When your love is tested and you stand fighting even in the darkest most horrible storms that life throws your way. Those tests and struggles are what define true love and when you make it though the storm, you’ll be stronger and more in love then you could possibly imagine.

Joell Medford

I had a GREAT relationship until he flipped script and went out of his mind putting hands on me…so thats when you get your walking papers and check out!!

Keri Williamson

Yeah I guess the pint would be they both don’t stop trying