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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Leigh Cruz

You are very eager to be with someone and doing your best to communicate with him but it’s not the same way. Truly, when the conditions are right for them that’s the only time they’ll notice you.

Alysha Brooks

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Marcy Hanish

When u get tired of giving your all…how long do u keep hoping

Rachel Grinage

Exactly!! Been there..did that..so glad I can finally see straight

Nishka Sharma

But what if….you love them unconditionally…n no matter how hard you try…you can’t let them go…?

Mehak Sharma

Bt i am blessed acc. To all that my partner loved me unconditionally??

Codie Barlow

Exactly. Never be with anyone that only loves you when everything is easy

Laurence Larry Thompson

Thought I had the ultimate love ,guessed wrong ,now it’s me ,the only one feeling the pain smmfh

Michelle Laurio

Im lucky to have that one. But I dont deserve him 🙁

Heart Summits

Sometimes being strong is not about being brave and smiling all the time. Sometimes it’s not about acting as if you’re the happiest person in the world. Sometimes it’s not about holding everything together, when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Sometimes you have to humble yourself, swallow your pride and put your brave face away and break down. Hug someone who loves you as much as you love them. Have a good cry, wash out your heart. If you keep it inside, it’ll tear you apart. Get angry, be mad, lean on someone, talk it out. Perhaps… Read more »

Jarvis Louis Jones

Yeah it sucks but we live and learn. I’m going to just refocus on me and screw the other stuff, I’m tired of giving 100 and getting zero.

Aăă Neăr

I got that person, now I let go. Sometime when you love and care about someone… at the end they use you, plays game, treat you poorly. It’s hurt because they don’t treat you the way you treat them.

Vito Pacheco

Exactly, I was bailed on for another despite waiting on her hand and foot, and doing countless unselfish acts without expecting anything in return, but unfortunately being materialistic and narcissistic got the better of her!

Aliw Cabuguas

Habol ako sa comment kahit 1:00am na….sana tumalab na Ga…dito naman kaming mga kaibigan mo na nagmamahal unconditionally…piliin nalang nating maging masaya…isa lang ang buhay natin…at minsan lang tayo dumaan sa mundong ito….you deserve to be happy dahil mabuti kang tao….

Sherry Stanton

Truthfully, as human beings we do not love unconditionally we set conditions. Whether we can live with those conditions could it be unconditional or two people capable of loving unconditionally (have not witnessed that yet). The only unconditional love I know exists is God and dogs. I am certain both of those are unconditional.


Some people just appear when the conditions are right for them and for their own benefit of you. But their true colors will be divulged as soon as they dont get their need from you. As much as they cant take advantage of you, their loyalty Stops.

Luvlia Hr

Time is very precious..Use that quality time with the right one..Fill the time with a good quantity amount when spending time together..Don’t waste ur time with the wrong ppl..?

Ishfaq Ahmed Pathan

Don’t bath everyday, you kill so many germs they have their families too, do you ever think about them, no you only think of yourself…

Phebe Balderama

I know I made the biggest mistake in my life..and hard again to move on..but need to be strong enough ?…God is my strength…

Aira Forsander

That’s true and I have already distanced myself from the persons like these ☺