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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sara Renee

This is so true especially for those who seek negative attention. The best thing you can do to a combative person is ignore them, it will drive them crazy.

Mikecarl Mootoo

Unless they don’t understand that you’re giving them silence…..

Mickey Pultz

I miss those moments ????? i miss my wife she is no more ???????? m alone I am a widower I-Need-a-True-Friend-Who-Can-Understand-My-Feelings,distancedoesn’t matter for me.. So anyone interested message me or send friend request thanks!!

Pamela Salandanan

It depends..when u want ur hard-earned money back..u have to say something if he doesnt pay u back.

David Garza

Because you just know ….that’s why ….. you either care or just let karma take care of it all …..

Zakia Farooq

Apnee Amma kahtee thee eak khamoshee Hazaar Balaaon ko taltee hay.

Jessica Mangrum

It’s stupid when you don’t deserve the silence you’re being given, though.

Ana Bautista


Eddie Mhizhaz

Sometimes let God speak for you

Denise Schultz Graberitz

This is 1 of many reasons I won’t talk to the “scabs” unless cornered into it!

Darrell Bennett

Never jump to conclusions and give silence when it’s not deserved.

Bob Womack

Wait a minute! 6 hrs. ago you posted about communication not ignoring someone.

Roxana Wells

That is the honest truth don’t waste your time if we keep on letting people abused and uses we’re never going to see the real picture or going to find somebody who really cares because we were blindsided by those who don’t give a damn as long as their needs are met they don’t care keep strong

Lata Gupta

Exactly right, kind, honest people always maintain their silence and prefer to stay away thick skinned people or heart less people…

Luvlia Hr

This silence might killing me..or might killing u too..But I think is worth it coz not even my single words that u hv listening to..Hope one day u’ll realize that..y this silence means..?

Roselyn Bisa Belen

People who ignores you, they don’t deserve any of your time. It doesn’t mean that you have to act indifferent, but you must know your worth.

Ziad Hamdane

“I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know we’re better off letting go of, it’s like we’re scared to lose what we really don’t even have. Some of us say we’d rather have something than nothing at all, but the truth is to have something halfway is harder than having nothing at all.”

Ibrahim Hagras

Silence is a kind of weakness. They are all worth to give a speech whether to tell how much you love them or to say into their eyes ” fu** away “!

Nikki Nicole

It gets tiring always being the one trying, caring, doing, I’m not talking about just your significant other either. It’s with all relationships.

Felcy Gyani

Fans can write there own feeling dears take it easy,its nt a parliament give a suggestion, fans feelings comes by fingers.OK don thing bad emotions r nt bad ,but writing words its hury

Kelly Guill

Truth, they don’t even deserve words being said to them!!!

Katharine Lauren

Better to be single fuck men men hating club for real