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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Nance Medina

It doesn’t always have to be difficult. In my past experiences, everyone that was “difficult” ended up being crazy, narcissistic assholes. No thanks!!!!!

Saman Ikram

There’s a difference between a LITTLE DIFFICULT or a person who truly doesn’t give a damn…

Tommy Frisbie

I have used that argument in my behalf a hundred times but it never really worked out…may be it was because I drooled too much.

Cindy Cline

Being a little difficult, doesn’t necessarily mean a difficult personality trait that causes harm. I found all our thoughts on this very interesting. We all been through different experiences in life, so we’re bound to read and respond accordingly to that.

Patty Lyons

Yeah there is the crazy, narcissistic “difficult”. But there’s the “difficult” that has self esteem and won’t put up with lies, cheating and disrespect.

Cole Brewer

Dont have time for batshit crazies that cant help themselves, always playing the victim card. One of those situations “only the strongest survive” a strong hearted man deserves a strong hearted woman.

Beverly Powell

I am not so sure about that. People are such pretenders a relationship does not always have to be difficult Love does not hurt all the time. Peaceful contentment understanding not undermining. Think on that…

Aira Forsander

Well.. It debends how we take this saying about difficult person ☺
I know I could be in this moment a little bit difficult with trust issues cause of my expeariences ☺
If there’s cheating and betraying it’s really difficult to love thiskind person and these difficulties are these worst ☺

C.J. Andrews

A little difficult is a situation or small hurdle you have. It’s a slight bother not someone that’s a pain in the ass and doesn’t treat you as well as you deserve. Difficult usually ends in failure after forcing yourself to hang around hoping shit gets better when it don’t.

Demetrios Kiriopoulos

I’m still sticking with it… even though she wants a break. Maybe I’m the idiot who wants to keep going… maybe she’s done for good? I guess time will only tell

Russell Wendy

With dating violence on the rise, I can’t imagine doling out this kind of advice to my teenage daughter or son. Why are we constantly normalizing ill-behaviour? “The good ones are never easy” (???) Really? While no relationship is without conflict, healthy relationships enhance your life and certainly they never leave you trying to convince yourself that you’re in someway, shape or form obligated to deal with someone who’s ‘difficult’.

Pam Boenig Cox

This is the big fat lie we tell ourselves as we desperately try to justify the insanity we tolerate…until we just can’t! The good ones are never the difficult ones! #reallybadadvice

Michael David

Really ??if someone wants to be with you and make time for you they will!!! Why fight for someone who doesn’t want to be a part of your life…

Ronual Ratliff

A little difficult I can handle. It’s the constant abusing, lying, manipulative pains in the ass that I don’t have time for.

Roselyn Bisa Belen

Sometimes there are people who can’t handle such kind. So they will rather choose to avoid them. But i guess we should not insist what we can offer especially when we know that we are capable of helping others. We can just open ourselves to everyone. Those who wants to stick with you will stay and those who do not want you they can leave. Its not your lost its theirs.

Nikki San-Baéz

this is so true. ppl tend to try and find somewhere else due to the person’s small impediments. NOt knowing that the same bullshit, someone else can play too. so not worth leaving the one you love for trying to find better. There is no better but true love.

Lata Gupta

Always people take advantage ,people are not serious, and take them for granted